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Attending TerraSeeds Forex Trading Course is a life-changing opportunity

“Hi, Let me share my joy , I profited on one single trade AUS USD round 300pips in 3 days. I have also shorted EUR JPY and have profited around 245 pips on 8th August and it hit my target profit level on the 12 Aug . So far I have broke own record of more than 200 pips. Tiong hum mention in the class it pays to ride the flow.” – Mark Li

Good course material: detailed & concise. Pricing: affordable compare to others. Trainers are very approachable. I would recommend others/friends to join. This course really helps me into Forex. I’ve become more aware and understand this money making vehicle.  I can make a living with it. – Ryan Sim

Just want to comment that last week’s hands-on session was excellent. Managed to fine-tune my entry right at the very top for the GBPUSD pair. Managed to catch the massive 500 pips move till now Covered just now. Maybe still have some way to go but happy with the gains already. – Dr Josh Chiew



After the course, I managed to be more profitable in my trading. Before that I only managed to make small profits like 20pips. Now managed to get more. The river strategy: It helps to determine the trend and just go long & short accordingly to the river. – Raymond OwYang


Murakami-san specially flewto Asia (Singapore,Thailandand Malaysia) in search of a mentor and a trading method. He found TerraSeeds Tflow® among all!


After I learned your method, reduced mental pressure so so so….much. Now, my trading harvest small loss and infinite profit! And as I professed during dinner to you, I achieved 1 million yen profit already. I will set schedule go back to you. – Murakami Yukata from Japan(Intake 5)


The 3 practical sessions were very useful and provide a lot of insights to the real world of Forex trading. I liked the strong practice classes and email support. In my opinion, the system setups are probably one of the best I have seen so far. Through the forex training, I am able to apply Fibonacci retracement and extension more effectively in my trading. – Ong Bee Heng (Intake 1)

I finally understand risk in forex and how to handle trades. Course was well conducted with emphasis on R1 & R4. Grade 1 & Grade 2 trades are very helpful to me. – Chan Yeng Keen (Intake 1)

Forex Tflow® helped me understand the flow of trades. Understanding of multiple time frames. Understanding S&R, Candle charts and Fib… I liked the simple methodology. All things are done with reason. Good hand holding to prepare you for trading. – Eddy Chong (Intake 1)

Great curriculum! You guys combine the classical technical theories and packaged a very good system. Using holistic approach on forex training – especially the emphasis on Live Hands-on. Great tutors, both share the strategies very comprehensively. – Chris Kwek (Intake 4) The TFlow® course has very clear & simple explanation and yet have very rich contents, covering most of the TA topics. Thus after attending the FX TFlow® programme, it improves my TA knowledge in trading tremendously. – LIM (Intake 4)

IT WORKS! Students are PROFITING even at the Hands-on class. The Training is systematic and binni is patient, even with beginner like me :P Knowing that there is a system that works & it is in SINGAPORE! The personal touch is there within reach. The Live Hands-on are very useful. – Lee C.C. (Intake 4)

Pior to this, i have no knowledge in trading, the course not only provided me with the how to’s but also what should i look for in selecting brokerages and finally it also helped alot in setting realistic targets. Ethical…explore and the possibilities and facts are always given without bias. Realistic and good teaching, they tell you the truth…expect you to trade small and are concern that you should actually learn something. – Simon (Intake 6)

Very comprehensive guidance on all aspects of the training programme, from the theory aspect to the actual trading sessions. You don’t just learn the theory and forget it. You actually learn the theory and apply it… all i can say is Terraseeds has crititcally fulfilled the necessary foundations of being a full-time traders SUCCESSFULLY. -J.L (Intake 4)

Being a trader with a few years experience… I am glad I can use many of the techniques to my stock trading. The quality of the material & the particular methodology taught in the course, the people involved in the technical are very good. – Mario Stellino (Intake 7)

Sounds trading system and technical analysis concepts. Experience trainers in trading. Improved my technical analysis understanding…helped me identifying good triggers and setups. – Karen Loh (Intake 8)

The follow up on hands-on training, provide a forum for clarification. Help me identify possible setup, entry & exit points. Using live data to demonstrate their teaching – “prove the pudding” – Wong Boon Heng (Intake 13) Realistic & told the downside of Forex Trading. Down to earth Forex Trading course. No Hard Selling of Brokers & Partnership…the trainers impart their experience & knowledge without reservation. -Zandy Tan (Intake 14)



I am able to increase gains by minimized risks. Also I am able to identify good entry and exit points, providing confidence on exploring forex market. – LKS (Intake 4)

Teaching me how to fish rather than follow the system blindly (i.e. putting all understanding of TA together)… definitely see how it can help me to master my trading skill. – R.L (Intake 5)

Easy to understand technical concept, especially 1,2,3,4 retracement. Had try the method and concept, it really work. Just had to control your temptation and fear when trading. Just need to discipline and follow the method. – Sim H.P (Intake 16)

Knowing specific stop loss & target using Fibonaccis. Application of TA to live chart, follow up hands – on session for practical guidance. – Chong Tak Keong (Intake 5)

Training materials are well documented, well explained and clear. Practical lesson shows it works. I have better confidence now in placing my trade: 1st Week: 60 pips – 70 pips 3rd week: 100pips – Desmond Yam (Intake 6)

Very structured – the forex program teaches on what are the entry & exit level, how & when to trigger your trades. Forex program is also applicable to stocks…using forex on stocks, I know exactly when to anticipate a buy & the perfect level or timing for – Chong Thomas (Intake 6)

Tflow® Applicable not only on Forex, on Stocks as well, clear & precise… the technique that can be mastered. Dedicated Trainers, no secrets, no hidings….Clear idea on when and how to enter a trade, when to take profit & when to put a stop loss. – Shijia (Intake 13)



TFlow® System is very detailed and useful guide to plan my trade. It gives me the “tools” to devise my forex trade plan, very comprehensive, up to date. I am grateful for the dedications of the trainers in helping me to understand forex trading – which includes giving us demo acct, showing us related websites for news flow, doing “live” trade during coaching sessions and giving us the powerful tool of TFlow® System. – Aileen Koh (Intake 1) I have more discipline and my trading was well defined. – Ong Kai Min (Intake 4)

Detailed trading plan with exact entry and exit techniques, measuring risk and reward. Good technical analysis checklist – fibo, 1234, wash and rinse etc all very useful techniques! I have started to place trade differently. Regain a bit more confidence in forex trading when see techniques are producing results. – Colin Teo Tze Hoe (Intake 4)

After attending the TFlow® programme, I no longer just being a punter and trading base on “feel”, I have trading techniques. I understand more of forex and equipped myself with trading strategies. One comprehensive package – we are able to trade by just attending ONE course. Trainers impart experience so that new traders are able to watch out for trades. And knowing that there is always people you can turn to for advice. – Koh Tze Liang (Intake 4)

I love the flexibility and dynamism of Forex, which has help me understand more areas of trading. The numerous hands on practice illustrate and reinforce concept. Technical Analysis knowledge taught very systematic and eye opener – Desmond Hong (Intake 4)

Give our trading approach somestructure. Realism, no flashy promise of quick buck & help to setmentality right. Solid after training support. Dedicated trainer, Small class size – morepersonal coaching & attention. -Frederick Kwan (Intake 7)

No hype – Realistic targets & expectations. Opened my door to naked trading- I started as an indicator trader and I’m looking to be the one who trade with technicals. The hands – on Session. Complements the two days of theory. – David Chong Kwok Yong (Intake 8)

The metatrader software gives me a clearer picture when to enter a trade. It is easier to understand with more practice you got the hang of it. Improves my win rate where last time i keep chasing prices. Remind menot to enter on break out, do retracement instead…and which level Fib extension to take my winning. It helps me alot in my money management like how many lots to trade. – Lee Wei Leong (Intake 9)




A Bird’s Eye View… A clear precise entry exit strategy. A clear thorough explanation for the strategies used.

– Johnny Lee (Intake 1) 

Fibonacci levels are being obeyed by the price. Strategy – there are different tactics to be used on different scenarios. Interaction to learn from one another. Fx TFlow® course helped alot – confident level in trading, knowledge use. 

– Mark Lim (Intake 1)

FX TFlow®- It works! I attended other courses out there but there is no TA basics taught, as a result still continue to lose trade. But I likedTFlow course for knowing where exactly price will land, so don’t have to close position pre-maturely.And now I do not take up position when I know that there is the strong support/resistant lines not far away.

– Kartman Hu (Intake 4

Learn to enter and exit trade using systematic rule. Live hands on best way to learn…good trainers, dedicated and experienced.  

– Reuben Thomas (Intake 7) 

Helped me to better understand how market move and demystify market movements…. Able to predict TP points & levels. Good trainers with actual trading.

– Lenard (Intake 17)



Screenshot of student email

Have improved my understanding on the TerraSeeds system 4 weeks after correction done on my approach. So far, ended every week on positive with 2% capital risk for every trade pair. 10% capital gain after 4 weeks.

– Guoyong



Genuine traders who are very sincere andhelpful, share their life experiences unselfishly. The live tradingwith steps by steps analysis, planning & execution really help me to improve the actual trade. Thus the Course is able to cut short my learning curve to learn from the Master traders.

– Alvin (Intake 3)

Honestly I came with very low expectations. I thought I have studied enough on my own until FX TFlow® programme, then I realized there is much more to improve on to be a professional trader. THANKS!

– Chris Kwek (Intake 4)

The training is comprehensive and the environment is very condusive, lessons interactive and interesting. FX TFlow course taught me all the necessary knowledge I need to enable me to start trading forex.

– S.Lim (intake 4)

TFX instructors provides very good foundation – based lessons for newFX traders. I have got a better understanding on how prices move usingthe analysis… The knowledge i acquire from them are more than what i can get from books. The practical Hands On are useful … we have a good feel of how to apply the strategies real time.

– W.J.W (Intake 5)

Realistic…clear elaboration on theory & actual happening, on thejob trading/hands on practice.  Great foundation built for my otherstrading venture.

– C.K (Intake 6)

I have understand Forex better, gain more confidence & interest to learn more. Trainers are friendly & open to share knowledge & ideas are engaging. Unlike many other trading courses, we are told there will be loses. The trainers & program emphasize alot on mindset & emotions of trading, which is very important & useful.

– Evon Toh (Intake 17)



We are new to Fx and your training has helped us gain confidence in Forex trading. We appreciate the Sincerity – you guys truly want us to learn and it shows through your training. Reasonably priced Fx TFlow® program make complicated things, very easy to understand. 

– Rashid & Nisa (Intake 3)

I do not trade blindly anymore after the TFlow training programme. And I am confident to trade as I am able to predict where the price is going using real Fib TA in FX Tflow course.

– Kartman Hu (Intake 4)

Gives me a lot more confidence…watch charts or patterns.

– Freddy (Intake 5)

Step by step eleboration …gain confidence level. Real time execution, learn about the mentality of training.  Money management, risk & profit accessement.

– Nelson Chew (Intake 6)

Improved confidence in going in for a trade…clear entry and exit points.

-Alex Cheong (Intake 7)

I’m more confident and comfortable performing TA after the course….fibonacci retracement, triggers, 1234 count….just needed more practice hours.  The google group is a good sharing platform where traders exchanged ideas (prediction & real-time)

-Keith Yeo (Intake 7)

Helps me to predict the flow of the currency pairs more easily and allows me to enter the trends more confidently. Explanation of theory is clear & concise.The short cut cheats are useful.

– Neo Sze Yuen (Intake 17)

I’ve more confidence in interpreting the charts.  Able to learn fibonacci principle & put it to use. The Live hands-on is useful.  Able to learn fibonnaci principle & put it to use.  Binni is an excellent trainer; sincere to impart her knowledge.

– Raymond Phoon (Intake 7)

More clear about when to enter the market, good support…lots of insight, real world experience. 1234 – good for planning next move, when you place trade.

-Eric Mah (Intake 7)

I have more confidence to trade now after attending the course.  The course has provided me with a effective trading plan to assist me to trade Forex.  Most importantly, i am able to determine the potential profit targt and stop loss (risk management) when i enter a trade. …the trainers are sincere and keen to impart the trading knowledge to us.  Case study of recent trading conducted by the trainers (during hands-on session) are insightful. I learn alot from their approach that they take while executing a trade.

– Tony Tay (Intake 9)

The 3 triggers have also improved my confidence in trading. Price Action Based Trading System. -> Makes more logical sense than historical indicators-based system.  The lessons on identifying trends based on Price Action and trendlines helped me with seeing the bigger picture.  Hands on is fantastic as i got to ask and clarify all my doubts.

– Max Ho (Intake 9) 

More confident on the entry, target and stop loss price level when executing the order. The Tflow System is an easy system to visualise and use.  R1 & R4 serves as good guide especially for beginner like me who have zero Forex experience.

– Colin Chan (Intake 9)

Concepts are well-explained. Hands on session were very useful in helping me get into the actual analysis of the charts. Helped me to be more confident, but at the same time more careful when approaching trading . Learnt to be patient and rigorous in my analysis.

– B.W (Intake 16)



Fx TFlow® training helped me with many aspects of trading – corrected and identified my mistakes. I like the hands-on experience, practice trading, able to communicate effectively with the trainers. And the emphasis on practical trading rather than theory.

– Albert Teo (Intake 1)

Hands-on provide practical learning processFX Tflow course is clearly instructed and supportive. Really easy to start trading for a beginner.

– LKS (Intake 4)

Practical session – Condusive & give us time to digest & apply what was taught…expose us to mistake, learn our lesson & become more experienced.  Trainers is friendly, approachable, straight to the point when delievering.

– Ng Mee Joon (Intake 5)

Metatrader system allows us to draw on thechart on a live environment.  Hands on practice, can earn back coursefees and Trigger strategies esp 1-2-3-4, gives us clear route map.

– Chua Keng Leng (Intake 6)

Fine tune my trading plan during hands on session and gain more real knowledge.  There are enough tutors during the class to clarify the doubts…goggle groups another media to learn or update the knowledge.

-Chai Pau Lee (Intake 6)

Strong fundamentals Techniques & Realistic. Easy manner which the course is presented with very good techniques & basics. Binni & Tiong Hum both experienced traders & are practical on what they teach: Shows both winning & losing trades. Where to take profit and where to put stop loss. It has given me a good undestanding of FX and allow me to more clearly understand the potential pitfalls & returns

– Jerome Lee (Intake 16)



After the Fx TFlow® Course, I am more confidence in trading & also identify the traps that could wipe out our accounts. Fx TFlow® System has a comprehensive set of TA unlike other provider i attended which provides none! With experience traders providing professional guidance, good entries and exit are identified in real time trading hours.

– Cho W.S. (Intake 2)

The TFlow® training program captured with the Fib tactic in percentage of accuracy is so true. It works well with different candlestick storyline and pattern.FX TFlow® training helped me get a clearer picture in such complicated and tricky forex patterns. 

– Sabrina (Intake 4)

Detail explanation. Clear answer…to let me know the risk, trigger prices and analys the chart.

-John Lee (Intake 5)

Triggers – I do not find this as an emphasis in other training schools. Price action – Personally, advocating pure price action is the way to go in tradings. It confirmed a lot of my understanding of pure price action, as i have been doing harmonics pattern.   Trainers – Clear & concise.

– Eric Lye (Intake 8)



We have a group of experience and discipline traders teaching & sharing with us their experiences. They are interested in our ability to trade and they use live systems to teach. After the Fx TFlow® Course, I have a good understanding on how to trade and the hands-on push me to get started. 

– Boon Lye (Intake 3)

We received detailed explanation from Instructors. And the Live Hands-on are very useful. The TFlow® course definitely helped me by not placing my bets blindly. 

– See Kok Wah (Intake 4)

Real time example & hands on put us in the right direction to feel the market…First time experience with trading, really open my options to extra cash.

– Chan Teck Meng (Intake 6)

Visual learning through live markets is the most valuable practical experience in application of the knowledge gained during the course.  Detail teaching on Fibonacci – This is unlike what other courses out there teaches.  The detail emphasis on using 1234 to overcome multiple timeframe …..

-Melvin Tan (Intake 7)

Good live/real time examples. Live hands on sessions are really helpful….Good working concepts – easy to adapt and apply. Stronger confidence.

– Sameer Puraniks

The Hands – on Sessions are very useful…..very clear explanations, accompanied by illustrations on charts. Patient Trainers!

– Huey (Intake 16)



The introduction of Fibo is very useful. I’d realised that Fx is much more likely to respect support & resistence than equities. My Fx trades are much much much much more profitable than my stock trades!! It really emphasize on managing loss : the hardest thing yet the most important. 

– Leonard Lum (Intake 3)



This Forex TFlow® training is very valuable to me as it has make me really understand the forex trading, the most important is a clear system set up and understanding on using the multiple time frame. Very detailed hand-out, knowledgeable, helpful and attentive trainers and live hands-on to get to know setup better.

– J Kong (Intake 3)



Fx TFlow® Course notes were detailed. Clearly the trainers had a lot of experience and that gave me confidence that I need not question the strategies and information taught to us. It’s obvious the trainers have a very sincere desire to transfer knowledge and ensure that participants understood the course. And I appreciate that the trainers took action after reading the feedbacks. A good sign of sincerity.

– Kim Sang (Intake 3)

Forex Training was easy to understand. It identified trading criteria. And we have personable trainers, who taught Fibo concepts without much confusion.

– Jingle Yang (Intake 4)

Trainers are very keen to teach and to make sure we really understand the various concepts & principles.

– Colin Teo Tze Hoe (Intake 4)

FX Tflow® course has detailed programme and approachable Trainers. There is real effort by the Trainers to make sure students understand fully. The training helped me understand Forex better esp Fib.

– Sazlina Norani (Intake 4)

I am a beginner & has never really traded.  The Tflow course has help me begin….very good trainer- clear, converse & confident.  Once the initial bumps are overcomed it is a easy system to follow & step by step.

– Tan K.M (Intake 7)

The trainers are helpful and they provide support. Informative – clear and concise….hands on session are really helpful together with google group.

– Michael Lee (Intake 7)

Dedicated & Committed trainers, never fail to go beyond thier call of duty.  Well prepared lesson plans, shows that the trainers done their preparation before class. Clear explaination & Illustration of the trading rules…guideline to a win trade.  Helps to open up alternative source of income.

– Andy Ng (Intake 8)

Important points are being emphasized repeatedly. Questions raised, however simple or “out of live” are being addressed always. Opened me to understanding the importance of Candlestick. Good beginning, feel there is support/mentor when needed.

– Wei Ping (Intake 16)

The trainer is experienced and is willing to share the pros and cons of Tflow earnestly. Straight forward, simple to understand with clear strategies. It help me to recognise trends and triggers easily.

– Shirley (Intake 17)

Trainers share real life examples – not only successes, but failed trades as well.Concept is very clear. Focus not only on Technical Analysis, but includes psycology as well.

– CZJ (Intake 17)



There are friendly approachable trainers who are open and willing to share trading experience & knowledge. They are honest about trading – authentic experience. Binni is a very good teacher with very clear explanation. After FxTFlow Course, I gain greater confidence in trading due to effectivecoaching and system (from me having no system to formulating one).

– T.W.E. (Intake 3)

Very detailed explanation of all components of strategies/ system… Patient and dedicated trainers who never give up. 

– Ong Kai Min (Intake 4)

The Trainers are very good in teaching their strategies and theories… There are trainers out there who are good in theories but failed in their trading.

– S.B.Ho (intake 4)

The Lecturers are very helpful and patient. They are so willing toshare and give us more Live Hands-on… I totally know nothing aboutforex from the start. Through this FX TFlow® training, I slowly understand how to trade. Though still not familiar but at least the TFlow programme helped me to understand how FX works. I will work hard.

– Tay Lay Har (Intake 4)

The instructors are detailed in their teaching & they trytheir best to answer students many confusing queries as much aspossible.  I am able to make use of the trendline, to help me better tounderstand the movement of forex market.

-Lorraine Yong (Intake 5)

Being totally new before, the training has been insightful.  Systematic approach from knowledgeable instructors withpractical experience in imparting knowlege/information.

– Ong.S.F (Intake 6)

Comprehensive course, all neccessary strategies are taught..PTA or additional hands on are good for helping us in many ways.  Very honest, sincere coaches, teaches us without keeping secret and lots of encouragement and trade sharing.

– Willy (Intake 6)

TFlow® System methodology... Trigger points – Entry and exit…Pyschology – discipline and rules for mind set taught wellImprove my decision makingin taking the risk in trading the Fx.  I am of opinion that the classsize and teaching materials are sufficients.   Questions and answerwere well accepted and answered.

– Nandprasad S (Intake 7)

Systematic trading method.  The use of Fibonnaci, equidistant channel & identify a safer trade by identifying 1234 pattern.

– Connie Phoon (Intake 7)

Clarity in imparting us the strategies, showing real live charts/relevant charts, the google group for continous learning and sharing. Has only been 2 weeks: but so far so good.

– Boon Hooi (Intake 9)

Keeping thing’s simple for better understanding…brief(to the point).  Having spent few thousands @ last found wealthy satisfaction….So far, satisfaction has been obtained.  The rest is my hard work & persieverance with TerraSeeds guidance of course!

– Vijaya Kumar (Intake 9)

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