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Currency Trading can lead to a pot of Gold


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Binni Ong, business owner, trader and investor, Chief Trainer of currency trading school TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd, Spirit of Enterprise 2007 Nominee

My colleagues and I run Free Forex Seminar ‘Your first pot of gold’ to help individuals make an informed choice; 2-hours is all it takes to give yourself an additional path


I always wanted bigger things in life. I know that money and work success is not the ultimate measure of happiness but I sure know how unhappy I was. When I accepted my first job, I thought I could build a career but I quickly realized that it is really not so great to work long hours with little potential for personal growth. I felt I was special and thought that if I walked my own path, it might work out.


Grandma gave me a piece of advice: ‘Youth is capital. Go and do it. If you fall down, just get up and do it again.’

I kept that advice to heart so I chose what I did best. I took the part-time trading and investing I did in school and turned it into a career.


Now I no longer see my work as a job. How can it be a job when I enjoy what I do every day? I write my own success story and take charge of my own financial future and happiness. Best of all, I am surrounded by great people who feel the same way and decide to take charge of themselves.


What is currency trading?

  • Currency trading describes buying and selling currencies online
  • I buy a currency when it is cheap and sell when it goes up in my favour
  • I sell another currency when it is expensive and buy back when it goes down in my favour
  • I learn to operate a software that prints a price chart; I learn to read the price chart and understand if price is going up or down
  • More about currency trading or forex trading


Why I chose to trade the currency market?

  • I want success to be determined by my own performance
  • The currency market is huge, its exciting and the prospects are visible
  • Its great to have a career but I want control over other matters in my life too
  • I know I am special and I have a gut feeling it will work for me


My colleagues and I run Free Forex Seminar ‘Your first pot of gold to help individuals make an informed choice; 2-hours is all it takes to give yourself an additional path | Call us for more information at (65) 6492 3196 | See calendar for dates


What other traders think

“As a passionate and disciplined sportsman who had been involved in years of competitions, I relish the challenges from them . Hard work, discipline, dedication and self-belief are key drivers to successes.

These values have served me well in the realm of trading, as I seek to attain sustainable profits with the dedication to perfect my methodologies , discipline to trade my plan and the belief that I can achieve what I set out to do.


I am competitive; I race my peers and those established before me

Jerome Lee, Singapore

“When was the last time you attained mastery in anything you did?  The moment you succeed in Currency Trading, you embrace a skill that would last you a life time…”
Dr Chan Chee Hoe, GP



Victoria Yam

“What doesn’t break me makes me even stronger. Forex trading is the ultimate in resilience training”
Victoria Yam, sporty mother of 6 y.o. girl

“Learning currency trading is more than just learning on how to trade. For me, It is about learning to know oneself. I never fully understand myself until I started my currency trading journey”



Currency trading shares many qualities as starting and running a business. They are the same imo minus the some things such as hiring and managing staff as well as ordering and holding physical inventory
Binni Ong


To start currency trading, your requirements are

  1. Dynamic
  2. Self driven
  3. Risk tolerant
  4. Possess computer savviness
  5. Never say die
  6. Qualify for legal age to open currency trading account



  1. Need to juggle ‘2’ careers
  2. Less social life
  3. Need to re-train



  1. Self-made pot of gold
  2. Income security
  3. Mastering a skill


I urge you to bookmark this page or attend my Free Forex Seminar ‘Your first pot of gold’ in order to give yourself one more path to financial security and your pot of gold | Call us for more information at (65) 6492 3196.

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