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This is a money-making price pattern if you can spot it: Keppel example

Master these steps, recognise this highly recurring zigzag pattern to find pot of gold. Example Singapore-listed Keppel Corp (ticker: Bn4.si).Step 1 – Retrace. Step 2 – Consolidate. Step 3 – Up. Step 4 – Repeat steps 1 – 3. Example with Keppel Corp (ticker: BN4.si).


Is it time for some energy-driven inflation? 3 charts of WTI, XLE

Is it time for some energy-driven inflation? Will an energy sector recovery become new driver of bull market to relieve FANG stocks? WTI has broken decisively above 3-year high, XLE is at decade long support, there is a bullish expansion over March and XLE is 5-day best performer among S&P500 sectors.


How’s Energy (WTI, U96, BN4) doing in this ‘correction’?

Energy stocks had prospects to become star performers in 2018 based on their January performance as well as performance of WTI. With the US stock correction however a 5-day heatmap reveals Energy (XLE) to be the worst performing sector. Also WTI technicals, performance of SGX-listed Keppel, Sembcorp.