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I-Ching: Yin and Yang and the two phases of the market

Trading can make one become philosophical (or it could be an outcome of watching too much Youtube in between). I share with you the concept of change based on the I-Ching and a quote from Bruce Lee that could shape the way you approach your


Winning psychology to watch/benefit from this HSI trade signal

Either it is human nature or a grand plan put in place by Aliens/Masters of the Universe, markets end up repeating the same price action. If you can see it repeating, master it, then wealth and success that comes with it will open it’s doors to you. HSI prints a price pattern that has all elements of a trade signal. I talk about the pattern & trading psychology essential to take advantage of such setup.


80-pip AUDSGD Trading Psychology Challenge

I ran a spontaneous experiment/game during 4M class. Volunteers are invited to take part in a challenge to hold a position until it reaches target or is stopped out. Participants are those who tend to close their positions prematurely. This challenge helps them to understand themselves/ master their psychology while I cover their risk.