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The many twists and turns (waves and zigzags) of DXY

This post looks at DXY analysis from a bullish and bearish angle. It might be confusing but I am merely point out how Dollar bulls and bears could justify their point of view. My unqualified observation: DXY could potentially go much higher. Maybe crazy enough to go back to 100 by end of this year. 


SiMSCI the 6th element; there IS a change in the market

Chinese New Year is coming so there will be a 1-2 week period where a significant segment of traders go away. Low volume environment could lead to melt-up or melt-down easily (see green zone). Moving average suggest 13-week ema could become potential resistance. Could see pinball action as market fights.


Signs of bearish reversal for XLRE

XLP retains it’s status as a leading bear sector in the US market. At the moment, moving averages, price action and chart pattern paint a bearish reversal setup. 1) Moving average dead cross. 2) Bearish expansion in January terminates last 4 quarters of higher lows. 3) Fallen out of equidistant channel.


Zijin Mining excellent example of multiple technical analysis concepts

This weekly chart of Zijin Mining (2899.hk) is an excellent example illustrating various technical analysis concepts: 1) Moving averages as a roadmap that provides direction, support. 2) Chart pattern reveals continuation (base building) or reversal. 3) Volume as an excellent companion of price movement.