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These have different setups but each reasons to be topping

Copper, DAX30 and FT100 show different but compelling potential bearish reversal setups. DAX30 and FT100 are loss leaders among major stock indices. Copper prices on the other hand has a positive correlation with stock indices so bearish setups in these three should be treated as confluent signals.


29 days 11 hrs 55 min to a 83% probability Fed hike; post-CNY update

This is a post-CNY update with a look at CME odds of a March rate hike (83%). Additionally I take a closer look at JP225 and SG30. JP225 is clearly the weaker leg in the correction and their relative performance suggests JP225 has more to lose. For SG30, recall that 399 is a strong level to test.


AUDUSD bullish reversal, long term strengthening

AUDUSD printed a new 52-week high and terminated a year – year down trend since 2013. Bullish reversal pattern. Over a longer time frame, we can see this as part of long term strengthening.