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XLRE next S&P500 sector to tip into red?

If S&P500 continues to weaken, Real Estate (XLRE) could be next sector to tip into red. Chart pattern shows a bearish divergence and rising wedge that signals potential reversal.

AUDUSD bullish reversal, long term strengthening

AUDUSD printed a new 52-week high and terminated a year - year down trend since 2013. Bullish reversal pattern. Over a longer time frame, we can see this as part of long term strengthening.

Chart pattern and CCI signal in total harmony in this US stock

An example of a weekly chart of a major US financial stock printing a head and shoulders price action in total harmony with a bearish signal from Commodity Channel Index. When multiple elements come together to give a consensus signal, traders have a high probability setup.

Natural Gas has a good setup with multiple elements in place

Natural Gas printed a level in 2015. Price action says it's resistance in 2016. Everyone sees a bearish chart pattern. It fits our resistance perfectly in 2017. This one is waiting for signal to go.

AUDUSD has a very good setup with multiple elements in place

AUDUSD has many elements of a perfect trade signal lined up: 1) Roadmap 2) Resistance 3) Double Top 4) MACD signal 5) Potential trend line break. It also has potential implication to stock indices.

Signs of the next leg up in XAUUSD?

Although XAUUSD will probably do another leg down, signs are in place for a big up wave. Last year's new 52-wk high has terminated 2013 - 2015 down trend.

5 price features that set up a good reversal trade

5 features that make a bearish reversal in this EURJPY example. Explained also are 4 different entry levels for traders who demand different levels of risk/ different confirmation.