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XLP fell out of this 9-year trend line, could be real signal

XLP fell out of a 9-year trend line after printing a Head and Shoulders bearish reversal pattern. This could be a real break. XLP and XLRE are leading indicators of stock market bearishness.

Professional Breakout Trading System explained

Professional Breakout Trading System is a Forex intraday mechanical strategy which aims at capturing big volatile and explosive moves on EURUSD. Designed for MT4.

Do you trust trend lines only or will you look at other input?

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding. YZJ has a very prominent triangle which hints bearish. Yet the stock has printed a new 52-week high. How will readers tackle conflicting signals like this? Also case study of Starhub.

What happened to GBPJPY? Is it still bullish?

GBPJPY printed a false trend line break signal on 31 March 2017 but immediately unbroke the next session. It's trend is still falling. In addition, market sentiment changed in April. GBPJPY driver is now JPY, not GBP.

Jump or fade? Breakout signals/triggers in forex market

Breakout trades explained. We discuss breakouts as a trade signal/trigger, why there are two strategies: to jump a breakout or to fade or trade against one.

5 price features that set up a good reversal trade

5 features that make a bearish reversal in this EURJPY example. Explained also are 4 different entry levels for traders who demand different levels of risk/ different confirmation.

Beware crude oil prices signalling correction coming

Rising DXY could be signalling crude oil weakening especially since WTI and Brent are both at resistance. I discuss the signal in WTI to look out for.