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BTCUSD daily chart

How do I tackle this BTCUSD chart?

I can’t make up my mind about this chart. Technical analysis concepts do apply but fluctuations are just huge. Try to slice finely on very low time frame or go for broad strokes and be ready to deal with big P/L movement?


Are North Korean missiles really a trading risk for traders?

Missile tests didn’t stop Nikkei 225 from a good time according to this chart just a distraction. There are other pressing trading risks to traders. According to this chart, missile tests didn’t stop Nikkei 225 from a good time except maybe temporarily.

Weekly Average True Range of EURUSD from 2010

Forex traders it’s not your fault the market is constipated!

Experienced traders tell me that this year is different, that the forex market is very difficult. These few charts may just be the picture to visualise the kind of trading we are going through this year. Besides EURUSD and GBP, I discuss slippage, different broker price feeds.

forex millionaire

Tips on Managing and Calculating Position Size

This article is a must-read if you are 1) Good at trading but somehow always lose big. 2) Can score 3-4 winners each time but end up with net loss because of 1 loser. 3) You apply uneven positioning sizing to your trades. 4) You have the uncanny ability to be overweight with losers.