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What this moving average roadmap says about DXY trend

4 moving average overlay on weekly chart shows DXY on downtrend over 3-6 months. Going long is a contrarian move that has to fight many resistance levels.

What MACD and CCI say about winning, losing stock indices

Stock indices continue to be bullish. DAX 30 is correcting, Nikkei 225 could be correcting soon. Until 13-week ema is broken, no reason for alarm.

Keeping an eye on gold miners ABX, NEM, 2899

Keeping an eye on gold miners Barrick Gold ABX, Newmont Mining NEM and Zijin Mining 2899. There is base building. We can see a base in each chart so this could lead to continuation.

U96 Sembcorp Ind price action on HABBSTS trading system

Illustrating Sembcorp Ind. price action based on the HABBSTS model made up of a 3-indicator combo: Heikin Ashi Candles, 13-week Bollinger Bands and 3-week ema displaced by 2.

Gold bullish or nothing?

XAUUSD is setting up a potential breakout if this triangle formation is valid. Gold bulls' wait could be over soon in this sequence 1. break trend line 2. break strong resistance 3. new high.

3 charts of gold miners for bulls and bears

Gold miners Barrick Gold and H-share Zijin Mining are at or near prominent support levels. Critical question: Has their current week-week downtrend ended yet?

Are these stock indices the leading edge of weakness?

These could be leading elements of weakness among stock indices. Likely softening due to profit taking since they are not anywhere near to sweet spot that would entice sellers to come in.