SGDMYR Archive

YTD movement of major ASEAN currency pairs

THB-MYR-SGD trio strengthens against USD since beginning 2017. Philippine Peso weakest amongst major ASEAN currencies. Indonesian Rupiah looks 'pegged' to USD. Malaysian Ringgit weakening against SGD temporarily over.

Eyes on that weak Ringgit and Renminbi

Malaysian Ringgit is very weak even against ASEAN currencies. There is a danger that investors must watch especially when USD is strengthening while the RMB is weakening further.

Will SGDMYR (SingDollar/Ringgit) continue it’s flight up?

I spoke to Shin Min Daily on 6 July 2015 that SGDMYR 2.92 would be easily achievable. Now that we are here, I think we will see the pair trade above 3.00.