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JPY bulls you got wash n rinsed

JPY bulls got wash n rinsed as a early week rally ran stop losses of shorts orders in JPY crosses printing bearish setups. By Wednesday, JPY crosses turn into rout.

Can one make money from forex trading at 60% accuracy?

We share this reader-submitted statement of EURUSD shorts. Individual made $20021.76 from 62 trades with 60% accuracy with mini-sized contracts.

Profiting from falling oil price WTI (reader-submitted statement)

Reader-submitted trade statement of WTI 'sells' since $90s, $70s and then $50s and still selling with target in the mid-$40s. This is not an endorsement or encouragement from us to enter the same trade.

What is wrong with this demo forex trading statement?

Hint: look at S/L, T/P and duration for each trade.

Losing on WTI winning trade: stop loss management mistakes

This WTI winning trade protected by a break-even stop-loss order lost money when it was closed. We look at concept of CG and mistakes made.