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Looking at AUDUSD, Brent Crude, Soybean, NAS100 setups

I am looking at AUDUSD short, Brent retracing higher to print sell setup, potential Soybean bullish reversal and Nasdaq bearish reversal.

False break – warning sign – that preceded China A50 collapse

A false breakout or failed rally preceded China's worst stock market crash. It is highly recognisable, high recurring that one can avoid or make money from.

Once you understand price action, markets open to you

Price action trading techniques used in Tflow® are application to stock market too, not just currency pairs, stock indices, gold, silver and oil. It's use is only capped only by your imagination, determination and daring.

Is USDJPY going to repeat that same price action?

We can see from USDJPY chart that price action so far this year is a rerun of high-consolidate-breakout-throwback sequence we saw from late 2013 to Q3-2014.

Half the forex trading battle is won with my simple technique

I share this simple technique I use to trade forex. It is so amazingly easy to use all one needs to observe fact only and not to make any gut feeling.

WTI down trend easy to spot with Tflow® price action

When it comes to trading, easy to apply and unambiguous to read is the best when you want a technique that is easy to repeat consistently with minimum judgement and experience required. In fact something clear that we can train a child to spot. We show you how with this WTI chart.

4-month down trend in gold price XAUUSD over; potential bottom setup

XAUUSD price action convinced me with yesterday's big rally that we are looking at month-month change compared to down trend from July to November. This in conjunction with features on weekly chart that we are seeing potential bottom.