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Thoughts of the day on NZDJPY, XAUUSD and SiMSCI

Look at NZDJPY which has potential to fall off a cliff and make a big move. SiMSCI could have topped with a very common reversal pattern. XAUUSD is also looking toppish and could turn out to be a disappointment to gold bulls.


The Great NZDJPY 5-in-1 Confluence Signal

Follows up the previous post ‘The Great SiMSCI 5-in-1 Confluence Signal’ with NZDJPY. Every element of a good trade present with slight variation in each.


NZDJPY: Possible BM forming on H4

On a bigger picture look, we see that price has done a WR of a previous year high. With price above a crucial level of a 52 week high, we would be more inclined to buy. D1 shows 1234 Buy pattern On the D1 charts,


Best Practice: Trading the BM on NZDJPY

Big Picture (WK) Currently price is supported by previous year (2013) high Zooming In (H4) Following a Big Move, price is now retracing to previous support levels. So what now? If you’re looking to trade with the trend and trade inline with the BM, then