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Self-fulfilling prophecy that is completely mythical

Oil really belonged at around $40 to $50, but we knew that nature hates to take its course and had to get to $100 before getting back to reality.

Probably the hot stock driver this weekend – Obamacare vote

S&P500 must have enjoyed quite a bit of uplift from the best performing healthcare sector. A 2-year market top for the sector faced with prospect of Obamacare repeal could frighten investors and trigger a broad market correction.

Stock sectors all boom and no gloom; how to use heatmap

Year to date performance of US S&P 500 going strong with sector breakdowns a field of green except 'Energy'. This post covers 'how to use a heatmap for your sector/stock picking'.

A chart-based stock picking framework for passive investors

Stock picking framework for passive investors who look at over 3-months horizon. It is chart-based, segments price movement into quarters. Examples Soybean, Coffee, Palladium, Natural Gas and Sembmarine inside.

What is worrying Singaporean stock investors?

There is an expansion in online search for 'stock crash' in Google Trends. What is the reason investor psychology is turning towards anxiety?

Online poll tells us why stock markets are outperforming

FB poll among Singapore stock market investors show most favour buying stocks if interest rates go to negative. This rush to yield explains why stock markets are rallying.

Global Bonds: Why Our Analyst Says Things Just Got “Monumental”

Peter DeSario, editor of Elliott Wave International Interest Rates Pro Service, explains why this was a "monumental" week in the bond markets -- and offers a preview of which markets he's keeping his eye on.