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Mood shift part 2

We are looking at increase in expectation of Fed rate hikes this year 2019 versus just last week based on CME Fedwatch Tool. Just last week market was looking at virtually no hike and odds of a rate cut but now we are back in 2-hikes territory.


Rate hike odds 15 hours before FOMC June ’18 meeting

Based on CME Fedwatch Tool, market attaches a 96.3% of a 25 point rate hike at the coming June 2018 meeting. Another 25-point hike is highly expected in September but a total of 4 hikes or 100 points by end of year cannot be ruled out


The many twists and turns (waves and zigzags) of DXY

This post looks at DXY analysis from a bullish and bearish angle. It might be confusing but I am merely point out how Dollar bulls and bears could justify their point of view. My unqualified observation: DXY could potentially go much higher. Maybe crazy enough to go back to 100 by end of this year.