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NZDUSD a quick easy 70pips profit: Tflow® allows you to trade the range

The Tweets On 19 May 2014, we tweeted out to let our community know that an opportunity to SELL on NZDUSD was possible. Aiming $nzdusd and also other #nzd crosses, currently suspecting #nzd might be a little weak pic.twitter.com/v22BKGjpOH — TerraSeeds FX Tflow® (@terraseeds) May


EURNZD – A trade of 200 pips profit using Tflow® Strategy

Follow Binni Ong on Twitter @terraseeds On 9 May 2014, Binni tweeted on EURNZD on some key levels necessary in a Tflow®  trade $eurnzd 1234 still valid, spike is a retest of 2. below 15980 has s 15940 15830-40 15780 pic.twitter.com/lb2xw7Mp4p — TerraSeeds FX Tflow®


If you don’t invest, trade, make more money, you end up worse off!

Declining purchasing power: make more money to stay same spot ‘Invest in stocks? Trade forex? Too risky lah!’ But but this is picture says die die also must trade. Because at the existing inflation rate in Singapore and the interest on savings banks are giving you, you