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Long term gold investment: what if Singapore Dollar did not appreciate

If you live in Singapore, earn an income in Singapore Dollars, are passionate about long term investment prospects for gold, the convergence of these two bull runs are definitely in your favour. That is because if the SingDollar stayed put today at the USDSGD exchange rate of 1.846 at the beginning of January 2002, Gold will cost a lot more to buy.

Singapore consumer price index

Singapore consumer price index: CPI says go make more money

CPI shows housing, transportation and healthcare biggest challenge; rising inflation When I posted this picture last week in my story ‘Meet household expenses with extra income from forex trading‘ I was obviously misguided. Because based on our CPI or Consumer price index published by the

Singapore Dollar

Singapore Dollar long term foreign currency investment; new ETF

Guggenheim issues SingDollar ETF: attractive long term foreign currency investment The Singapore Dollar is something that Singaporeans take for granted. To foreign investors however, the currency is a very attractive foreign currency investment to hold for the long term. Its performance against the US Dollar