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Fedwatch Tool screencap on 13 June 2018

Rate hike odds 15 hours before FOMC June ’18 meeting

Based on CME Fedwatch Tool, market attaches a 96.3% of a 25 point rate hike at the coming June 2018 meeting. Another 25-point hike is highly expected in September but a total of 4 hikes or 100 points by end of year cannot be ruled out

US10Y monthly chart from 2017 - present

At first rates rise very slowly then suddenly very fast

10-year US Treasury Bonds are now trading at 2.919 % yield. Analysts warn that 3% will trigger a stock market correction. Interest rates could rise slowly at first, then suddenly very fast. Once rates rise, gold will fall, bonds will fall, stocks will fall, property will fall.

CME FedWatch Tool screenshot taken on 04 January 2018

Hawks demand more!

Odds of a 25 basis point rate hike in March 2018 by the Federal Reserve increased dramatically since minutes of the December ’17 FOMC meeting was released last night.