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The many twists and turns (waves and zigzags) of DXY

This post looks at DXY analysis from a bullish and bearish angle. It might be confusing but I am merely point out how Dollar bulls and bears could justify their point of view. My unqualified observation: DXY could potentially go much higher. Maybe crazy enough to go back to 100 by end of this year. 


4 charts that could convince you of DXY direction or confound you

Straight forward analysis on daily chart appears to offer a clearly low-risk-high-reward proposition to short the DXY. Further analysis offers a different observation altogether. 4 charts that might confound you or paint you a DXY direction that will jump out convincingly.


Time for DXY to retrace, consolidate, find out where resistance is?

It’s about time for a little bit of retracement, consolidation for the DXY. After all markets don’t travel in a straight line – they usually move in zigzags. Besides, there was previously a resistance here so this level might over some support. Price action at the moment with the kink there appears to agree.


DXY falling, not unprecedented

DXY has now fallen out 3-year range with new 52-week low with 13-week and 26-week exponential moving average acting as resistance. This setup has happened before, we can see from this example that happened late-2002.



把美金指数DXY看的死死的五个看跌信号:1.季度表现下跌 2.移动平均线做出死亡交叉 3. 平均线成阻力,给DXY盖火锅 4.创52-周新低 (这没话说)5. 雪上加霜再加个头肩顶图形很难看走眼。