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FT100 pullback

These have different setups but each reasons to be topping

Copper, DAX30 and FT100 show different but compelling potential bearish reversal setups. DAX30 and FT100 are loss leaders among major stock indices. Copper prices on the other hand has a positive correlation with stock indices so bearish setups in these three should be treated as confluent signals.

DE30 (DAX30) daily chart

Stock indices fire and fury but no bite except for this

Despite the severe bearish action around the globe yesterday following Kim’s missile flying over Japan and a sharp, not-unexpected u-turn during US trading hours, stock indices really did not make any significant move. Major indices are still trapped between last week’s (Jackson Hole) range except for DAX. It is a loss leader…

DAX30 daily chart end October 2015 - present

Assorted chart observations of the day

I share my observations of DAX30, EEM, Nasdaq 100. Considering how stock indices have been exceptionally risk-averse, exuberant, buoyant, I consider all these setups here as high risk.


Is Q3 shaping up to be market top for this year? 8 charts

Price action in 8 forex, stock indices charts might be shaping up Q3 to be market top for the whole of 2016. When viewed against the big picture all of them looks just like retracement. The levels are clear, the confirming price action is clear, just need the trigger to show when.