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People's Bank of China

China to add 11 currencies to CFETS RMB Index in 2017

China will add 11 new currencies to CFETS RMB Index on 01 January 2017; expands the RMB Index from a basket of 13 currencies to 24 currencies. The CFETS Index is a guidance for market participants to look at Renminbi against a basket of currencies instead of focusing on USDCNY exchange rate only.


Eyes on that weak Ringgit and Renminbi

Malaysian Ringgit is very weak even against ASEAN currencies. There is a danger that investors must watch especially when USD is strengthening while the RMB is weakening further.

USDIDR weekly chart May 2014 - present

US Dollar rising against Asian Currencies

9 Asian currency pairs that are rising in favour of US Dollar strengthening. They are tradable thru Axitrader MT4 or on the Singapore Exchange (futures).