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There is a 300-pip space below for EURUSD

There is a a big 300-pip space below the current EURUSD price pattern until the next most-looked-for potential support. This might or might not happen but could be really rewarding for EURUSD shorts if it does.

Keep an eye on these multiple signals from SATS S58

SATS prints bearish elements with a head and shoulders reversal pattern, staying in the red after nearly 3 quarters and printing a new low for the year in August.

XLRE next S&P500 sector to tip into red?

If S&P500 continues to weaken, Real Estate (XLRE) could be next sector to tip into red. Chart pattern shows a bearish divergence and rising wedge that signals potential reversal.

Gold bullish or nothing?

XAUUSD is setting up a potential breakout if this triangle formation is valid. Gold bulls' wait could be over soon in this sequence 1. break trend line 2. break strong resistance 3. new high.

Prospective EURUSD levels to look at

Prospective EURUSD levels to look at based on previous highs as well as projection from a triple bottom chart pattern that is now very prominent. In addition a quick look at DXY.

Chart pattern and CCI signal in total harmony in this US stock

An example of a weekly chart of a major US financial stock printing a head and shoulders price action in total harmony with a bearish signal from Commodity Channel Index. When multiple elements come together to give a consensus signal, traders have a high probability setup.

AUDUSD-Copper-China A50 trade far more interesting to me

So Macron is President of France. It's time to stop obsessing the election, time to move on to another trade. AUDUSD-China A50-Copper is what I am looking at.