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Keep in mind this zone in EURGBP before and after Thursday ECB

ECB Monetary Policy Meeting this Thursday could provide the driver to push EURGBP into a move with conviction. If not, then how the pair closes by end of January should provide a clue for February. This zone is a significant support coming to five months.


What are the odds of a EURJPY ‘mover and shaker’ this week?

There is certainly a technical resistance there. We need just a price-turning event. With BOJ monetary policy announced tomorrow and ECB this Thursday, there are two chances for a ‘mover and shaker’ to come out with a price turning story.


Believe Your Own Eyes: Central Banks FOLLOW the Market

“There is a long-standing myth that the interest rate market follows the Central Bank but in truth the evidence over a long time shows the opposite. Central Banks follow the market.”


Nikkei 225 fireworks at BOJ monetary policy

High volatility, fireworks accompanying BOJ policy statements these days must be a new trend. Calm and efficient are not words to describe.


Is the Fed managing a USD reversal?

Is the Fed managing a slow reversal for the US Dollar? Reminder that there are really two important levels to look at the DXY. Log-in required.