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Time to revise this article – after I change my broker

Spotted! Forex broker that offers 1000:1 forex leverage.

Is forex trading risky? No but highly leveraged get-rich-quick is!

Individuals tell me that forex trading is risky but I do not agree. The problem is leverage and get-rich-quick mentality. Apply these to stocks and property investing and they can become very risky too.

Meet household expenses with extra income from forex trading

Super traders meet forex leverage: become millionaire or a wipe out

Forex leverage is used in currency trading. It is a boon to super traders who want to become millionaire but can wipe out trading capital. Simple table showing the relationship between forex trading capital, leverage, margin, the results of a 50-pip win and the amount of loss to wipe out the capital.

Can I become millionaire in 1 month with $10k forex trading capital?