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DXY weekly line chart from year 2000 to late-2005

Time for DXY to retrace, consolidate, find out where resistance is?

It’s about time for a little bit of retracement, consolidation for the DXY. After all markets don’t travel in a straight line – they usually move in zigzags. Besides, there was previously a resistance here so this level might over some support. Price action at the moment with the kink there appears to agree.

DXY weekly chart late 2014 - present

DXY falling, not unprecedented

DXY has now fallen out 3-year range with new 52-week low with 13-week and 26-week exponential moving average acting as resistance. This setup has happened before, we can see from this example that happened late-2002.

DXY back above 2 year support

Was Dollar Index at 91 just a dream or a signal for 2018?

DXY bulls are happy as long as the index stays above this prominent 2-year support. Bears however have their signal. It is now a matter of time while the index does it’s usual zig zag before the inevitable happens. The signal for DXY to go lower in 2018 is already in place.