Practical Technical Analysis 2006 Course Material

Practicing Technical Analysis for Novices


06 December 2016 – This was the first course started ran by TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd when Binni Ong and I started the company back in 2005. The course ran from March 2006 until October 2010. It was a chart reading course conducted in a classroom setting with a maximum capacity of 40 participants. Classes were held on Saturdays because the target customer segment was working and investing adults. The course was well received when we started at a very affordable S$148 dollars only for a 9am – 6pm duration. It ran a total of 68 intakes. Course was positioned for beginners; learning illustrations were based on stocks listed on Singapore Exchange, looking at End-Of-Day data.

Binni and I have decided to make the course material for Practical Technical Analysis available online. Between 2006 – 2010, the material went through several minor revisions. I am putting the original 2006 copy online to contribute to chart reading knowhow.

The 2006 copy is 70 pages long from cover to cover. There is a 20 page pullout. This course was part of a ‘Paper and Pencil Series‘ of courses run without the use of computers/charting softwares. It was positioned as ‘paper and pencil’ because practices were done on paper and participants were required to bring their own ruler, eraser, pencil and different coloured pens.


Key features

  • Practical  Technical Analysis for Novices was a course for chart reading.
  • Practical Technical Analysis for Novices is suitable for new investors and traders in the operating in the stock market.
  • Concepts inside Practical Technical Analysis for Novices is suitable for forex trading.
  • Chart reading is fun, easy to pick up.
  • Practical Technical Analysis for Novices 2006 Course Material is now available FREE OF CHARGE.
2 copies of Practical Technical Analysis course material by TerraSeeds

Practical Technical Analysis course material by TerraSeeds; 2006 (left) and 2009 copy


Table of contents

Session 1

What is Technical Analysis

Chapter 1What is Price?
Chapter 2Crowd Psychology and Technical Analysis
Chapter 3Use of Charts
Chapter 4Charting Software [Chapter 1 - 4 shortcut]
Chapter 5What is a Chart?
Chapter 6Longer versus Shorter Timeframe [Chapter 5 - 6 shortcut]
Chapter 7Trending and Ranging Market [Chapter 7 shortcut]

Session 2

Price and Volume

Chapter 8Psychology of Price and Volume
Chapter 9Trading Rules with Volume
Chapter 10Special Volume and Price Formation [Chapter 8 - 10 shortcut]

Session 3

Determining Price Points

Chapter 11What are Trend Lines?
Chapter 12Drawing Trend Lines
Chapter 13Determining Importance of Trend Lines
Chapter 14Support and Resistance [Chapter 11 - 14 shortcut]
Chapter 15Significance of Support and Resistance Areas
Chapter 16Trend Lines Break
Chapter 17Trend Lines Channel [Chapter 15 - 17 shortcut]

Session 4

Chart Patterns

Chapter 18Reversal Pattern & Trading Tactics [Chapter 18 shortcut]
Chapter 19Continuation Pattern & Trading Tactics
Chapter 20Art of Trading [Chapter 19 - 20 shortcut]

Note the following changes:

  1. Typo mistakes where corrected.
  2. Chapter 4 – Charting Software was renewed because 2006 solutions became obsolete.
  3. Chart pattens from Session 4 i.e. Chapters 18 – 19 were given new treatment. The original material has degraded and not easy to read.
  4. Internal links were added for additional reference.


The information in this manual and training seminar are for educational purposes only. We do not recommend particular stocks, bonds, options or any security of any kind. If particular stocks or bonds, options, or securities are mentioned, they are mentioned for illustrative and educational purposes. The information conveyed by presenters, trainers, assistance trainers at TerraSeeds is intended to provide you with basic instructions, methods and strategies and served as educational purposes. You should seek a professional broker for advice prior to investing. TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd does not guarantee any results or investments returns based on the information and instruction you have received during the training seminar. TerraSeeds specialises in education and training and do not intend to provide you with instructions or information on other forms of investing or financial planning.

Although we have used our best efforts to provide the most accurate and innovative technical analysis training, we cannot promise you any probability or likelihood of market movement, results or profitability. There is risk of loss in all trading.


Practical Technical Analysis (2006) Chapters 1-4

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