Next stop Hang Seng Index multi-year resistance at 25000

Expect to see HSI test 25000 shortly. This is a 7-year high, prominent tried and tested resistance. This was a level forecast in 2015 and there is evidence that at least one other level forecast then was followed by the market.

Presenting Autobox MT4 indicator for multiple time frame forex

I share key features of Autobox V2 MT4 indicator developed for multiple time frame forex trading, oil, gold and indices. There is a free seminar for interested individuals this Thursday organised by IG Singapore.

How to find the best forex spreads

Why are there forex spreads? This article explains how a forex trader can choose a broker with the best forex spread and personal trading factors to consider.

外汇操作指南 - 外汇初学者的十大提示

投机外汇有相当的吸引也有相当的风险。要成功,一个外汇初学者因该做出充足的准备。我在这里给外汇初学者提出十个提示:1. 阅读,参考,调查 2. 与有经验的操作者,或证券代理交谈 3. 学图表分析 4. 找个好的操作平台 5. 掌握市场讯息,看宏观,掌握经济,社会趋势 6. 找个好的财经日历 7. 找个模拟交易账户

Look (at your charts) before you jump

An illustration why knee jerk trading response to headlines is wrong with two pieces of reporting on crude oil production.

Relative performance of S&P500 sectors from 2016 to present

An overlay of SPY (S&P500 ETF) and it's associated sector funds which show the strongest to weakest US stock sectors based on performance from beginning 2016 to present. Prepare action plan based on boom or bust accordingly. Also followup of last 2 weeks.