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  1. We like to have features on forex, futures, stocks and commodities trading.
  2. Features should touch on strategies, companies, people or events.
  3. No soliciting like ‘buy this stock now to make XYZ returns in 123 months’. We comply with rules set by Monetary Authority of Singapore.
  4. We follow Google SEO guidelines which means that back links if any must contain rel=”nofollow” tag
  5. Features will be tagged with ‘Sponsored’; there is no endorsement from us.



  1. Press release – Twitter – Top trading experts unite FOREX community for the Conference in Singapore
  2. Interviews and stories – Facebook – Email interview with Chris Weston, Chief Market Strategist, IG
  3. Search engine optimisation – Google Plus – ‘Market Outlook 2015’ organised by IG Asia
  4. Video transcribing – Hu Li Yang explains QE3 and its effect on Singapore stock market
  5. Others – Pinterest – Salient points from speakers at Shares Investment Conference 2014



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