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For Intake 48 starting 31 October 2015

Dear participants, please note this information. Action may be required on your part.


Pre-reading material

  • Level 1, download, print and read. This is the same material given out as link during preview seminar. If you have already seen this, skip.
  • Level 2, download, print, read, prior to commencement of course. 
  • If you encounter questions on Levels 1 and 2, please bring up for Q&A. It will not be covered in class.
  • There will be a printed set of material for trading strategy. This will be given out on first day of class Saturday 31 October.


Metatrader account


Accessing student support

  • Blog access is separated into 2 levels. At the moment you are at level 1. After attending 31 October and 01 November sessions, you will be raised to level 2 and able to see all content.
  • Private Google Plus discussion will be available after 31 Oct/ 01 Nov as well. Do gain access, follow instructions here.
  • Official twitter channel is here.


Revision/hands-on classes


Setting up the demo account that we provide

  • We are providing you a demo account that will not expire for you to practice your trade.
  • You can setup multiple accounts (mix of demo and live) in one MT4 platform. You can switch between demo and live account easily.
  • Steps to setting up your demo account
  1. Click File, choose “Login to Trade Account”
  2. A new window pops. Key in your Login and password that we provided. Choose Axitrader-US03-Demo as the server
  3. Click Login
  4. Check the bottom right to see if your demo account is working. Under navigator tab, you can switch between demo and live server (scroll down for illustrations)

2015-10-28_18-14-49 demo account


2015-10-28_18-31-03 demo working

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