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Tflow® has moved online

24 August 2016 – Tflow® Forex Course is now online and hosted at as a new program.  Individuals who attended Tflow® physical classes intakes 1 – 48 from 2008 – 2015 will continue to receive support from this blog as well as eligibility to attend 4M/BP classes (see below↓)


Re-sit no longer available – Re-sit for entire Tflow® course is no longer available as the original course is no longer conducted.  Individuals who want to attend the online version *new program* has to pay full fees and register as new student.


Support classes are Tflow® Forex Course participants

4M/BP classes are private events supporting individuals who attended Tflow® Forex Course Intakes 1 – 48 conducted from 2008 – 2015.


4M Mastery program with forex live trading

Improve your trading mastery through 4 steps:

  1. Building and strengthening your psychology with team trading.
  2. Repeating best practices with best trade setups.
  3. Consult/Exchange your trade ideas with our Trainer.
  4. Giving individual pointers on a one to one basis. We build a trading plan together with you.
  5. Includes forex live trading.
  6. 4M is charging $40/- per 3-hour session.


Best Practices Program (BP) with forex live trading

Focus. Perfect. Energize

  1. Focus on one key technique to work on.
  2. Practice, Repeat, & Focus on making one good trade
  3. Based on task/weakness addressed, trainer will follow up and review the results in the following session.
  4. Includes forex live trading.
  5. BP is charging $40/- per 3-hour session.


Update 06 October – 4M/BP attendance vouchers termination of use

First published 07 September here.

Please note:

  1. All vouchers for class attendance will expire on 30 August 2016 with no extension.
  2. This is one-year advance notice to all students to utilise all remaining vouchers.
  3. From 01 September 2016, all outstanding vouchers will expire. They will not be refundable/exchangeable to cash.
  4. Anyone who wishes to purchase bundled vouchers 6 for the price of 5 ($200) can do so as long as you agree to terms 1 – 4 (see above).
  5. Bundled vouchers will not be sold from 01 December 2015.


How to see private Google Plus discussion

Official GPlus page is here Any individual can follow us to see public content, receive updates. For Tflow® students, please follow instructions here to be added to private circles.

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  1. Randyoliveiro says:

    Hi there, may I know if you are still conducting classes for TX auto alert?
    How do I acquire TX auto alert?
    I was a student of Terraseeds back in 2010.

    Warm regards.

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