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FX demo trading performance by Hantamfx™


Mascot and Virtual Contributor Hantamfx

Editor’s note: We introduce Mascot and Virtual Contributor ‘Hantamfx’ who will share his forex demo trading performance for educational and entertainment purpose. The trades here are done on a demo trading account where losses can be ‘disappeared’ while wins are just for fun. We make no claims of any kind and you agree that we are not responsible for your action.


Forex trading demonstrator: Hantamfx™

Hantamfx was a feature started on 20 January 2015. It is a demo trading account that we use to provide metrics for trading performance. Content was originally exclusive. We now open it up for a limited period of time as we ponder where to take it.

Behind this demo account is a real person who is managing it. We do not edit results. 

Old snapshots are archived here.

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Learning value

  1. Consistent position sizing (mini-sized contracts)
  2. No scalping
  3. Currency pairs (focus on ‘movers’)
  4. Practice SL and TP
  5. Motto: ‘Ride the winners and cut the losers’


Update 11 March 2015 – This is not the usual update but as requested


11 March 2015 update


This part was outside the screen


Update 13 March 2015 – End of week update

This result can be yours too. Join our 4M or BP class for weekly lessons to learn from the best. If you have friends who are keen to learn forex trading, intake 47 is open for registration. Introduce them so that you have trading buddy in future.


Latest update after hectic week


Equity growth

Also if you like the new support that our bosses have provided these two weeks here, here, here and here, please leave a feedback so that we can improve and receive confirmation that we are going in the right direction!


Update 16 March 2015 – Beginning of week 12 update

Demo forex trading performance by Hantamfx - 16 March '15

Demo forex trading performance by Hantamfx – 16 March ’15


This is the portion that did not fit in the screen

Equity growth chart by Hantamfx

Equity growth chart by Hantamfx

If someone were to ask me what I did to make the equity continue to grow over the weekend, the answer is I did some trades on GBPUSD and crosses mid-week last week.

EURAUD entries shown in myfxbook

EURAUD entries shown in myfxbook

GBPUSD entries shown in myfxbook

GBPUSD entries shown in myfxbook

Lastly this is one chart we have never shown before.

Hantamfx's drawdown

Hantamfx’s drawdown


Update 19 March 2015 – Post-FOMC losses

Hantamfx is no super hamster. Took a big setback as well. Lost $40K trading equity and that is a slightly more than 20% drawdown. Experienced as the bosses are with all the caution given, some hits are just unavoidable especially since the EURUSD pullback was a move of multiple standard deviations move that may be unprecedented (although Fukushima triggered move in USDJPY back in 2011 and recent January’s SNB shocker comes to mind).

Important thing however is we kept to our process and that means position sizing counts as well as ensuring stop losses are kept. We are sure that if we keep to our process, the right and consistent outcome will be delivered.

Hantamfx equity down to $143K

Many positions retraced and were stopped out at bad levels

Note: Equity is a combination of balance and floating P/L i.e. not closed yet. The ‘losses’ here all NOT all losses. However because even winning positions were greatly diminished after getting stopped at not so good prices, equity had to take a hit. In our opinion, this is part and parcel of the business.


Update 27 March 2015 – Future direction

Some of you may have noticed that there was no Monday update this week. The fact is since Tiong Hum started writing the series ‘Looking at currency pairs this week – Wk13 2015‘, the direction of Hantamfx became a little unclear. It is be more so in the near future since there are plans to go into a multimedia type of presentation including video and podcasting so that there is a richer learning experience. Stay tuned.

For today, there is not much to update. Since the FOMC shock, there has been a lot of noise and retracement and yet missing directional movement that we are so good at catching. My demo trading account is stuck at the same equity level as last week – no problem, as technical traders like to say, I am merely building a consolidation pattern for the next leg up with $43k gain since 20 January.

FX demo trading performance  as of 27 March 2015

FX demo trading performance as of 27 March 2015 | Equity $143k

More meaningful to those of you who are not studying this line by line, this graph below shows the type of positions I have. Note that since this demo account has a base currency in AUD, that oversized piece of AUD pie on the ‘long positions’ is actually merely unused margin. Therefore notable shorts in GBP and EUR.

Long and short forex exposure

Long and short exposure


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11 thoughts on “FX demo trading performance by Hantamfx™”

  1. Daniel Ku Guet Liang says:

    I like this! is there anyway i can access to see real time?

    1. Soh Tiong Hum says:

      There might be ways. How are you going to use the real time?

  2. Shao Guoyong says:

    Hi Sir,
    Some suggestions:


    2) Registered mirror scripts for students.

  3. Shao Guoyong says:

    Hi Sir and Ma’am,
    Thanks for the inclusion of using myfxbook in tracking the trades.
    It certainly is a step ahead of many other local education providers in terms of trading education.
    By this I refer to instances where certain local educators will provide captured (hp) screenshots of winning trades with hyge profits, or positions which have already been in the money and shifted to break even.
    There is no educational value to speak off, just a chance to stir up feelings of greed and hope to lure greedy, wide-eyed folks into signing up their course.
    On the other hand, there are also earnest traders who are looking beyond the superficial and fake hp screenshots profits.

    Some questions that might always have been in their minds:
    -How much did the trades have to risk before making that amount of profits?
    -How much paper drawdown did these trades have to undergo before they see light?
    -What are the course of action taken in the unlikely event that a trading account suffers excessive drawdown in the particular week?
    -How could positions have been divided and how were they batched into a trade setup?
    -On average what were the duration of the winning positions held and how long did the losing positions were held before they went to the bin?
    These are just some of the questions that could be well-answered by the functions in myfxbook.
    There are many other aspects on trading tactics ( entry , exit , trade management , shift BE , scaling in, etc,) worth studying. As a very vaulable trading journal ,myfxbook should duly answer all that.
    Hence this should augment the existing education on regular blog n twitter charting, which I will objectively say as top-notch charting knowledge in the local trading scene.
    Some of the few problems that may arise from using myfxbook may be:
    1) non-students/competitors gaining access.
    You may wish to get students to sign up a myfxbook account n only registered students have access.
    2) This becomes a blind tradecopier.
    You may choose to block some of the functions, showing only valuable information on previous trades , RRR , EP , SL , TP %position size risked etc.
    Based on selective showing of functions, it is possible you can overcome the abovementioned 2 problems.
    Hope it helps and looking forward to learning more of the best practices in trading.

    1. Soh Tiong Hum says:

      Hi GY, thank you for your invaluable feedback. We are not unbending – maybe just looking too much for setups just like trading. It will take some time but as Hantamfx mentioned, we are breaking through in terms of content. Please keep your ideas coming.

  4. Binni Ong says:

    HantamFX , let’s work very hard so we could go for holiday end of year! Won’t be travelling much this year so I should be around….

  5. Shao Guoyong says:

    Thank u Sir n Ma’am,

    for taking the feedbacks into consideration. It will need to take some time for Hammie to grow. But it can certainly create a new perspective to trading education.

    Maybe with the wealth of information , a mini-series based on trade analytics can be done for 4M , in Q2 or Q3?

  6. Soh Tiong Hum says:

    Got this query from Andy Ng over the weekend referring to this and this

    Just curious when I see hantamfx demo screen capture. Exposure indicate large long AUD positions, but I do not see any AUD pairs, except for 2 sell AUDNZD pairs. Or am I reading it wrongly?

    Answer >> This MT4 account is from AxiTrader and uses AUD as its base currency. The free (unused) margin in AUD is therefore treated as a long AUD exposure.

  7. Tan Quanlong Adrian says:

    I don’t remember using Limit Entry orders for Tflow.

    1. Soh Tiong Hum says:

      1. Trades that meet EWUS criteria can be done limit order i.e. at Fib level, and that’s how very tight stop losses can be placed.
      2. We don’t emphasize limit orders but it is part of arsenal of tools available to any trader.
      3. Sophisticated traders can manage a higher level of limit orders in the total mix of trade execution.
      4. It is also up to personal risk tolerance.

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