TX Auto Alert V3 FAQ

Important update 21 September 2015

  1. Deadline has been set for TX Auto Alert to be phased out.
  2. TX will no longer to provided to new users i.e. it will not be part of Tflow® Forex Course offering.
  3. Full details here.

1. Invalid License

If error message shows wrong license or invalid license, it means that you have either used an expired license or key in wrong license number.


2. Invalid Account number

This means that your account number is not activated in our database. Please write to us for us to activate your account number.


3. Broker not approved

You have installed TX Auto Alert in a broker that is not recorded in our database. We require you to use the broker specified datafeed as TX is very sensitive with prices.


4. Machine is blocked from anymore authorization

This means that you have installed TX in more than 2 machines. Our authorization will record the first 2 machines that you have installed TX in. Should you change computer or like to change TX installation to another machine, please write to let us know. See blog ‘Why do I keep exceeding my TX Auto Alert Indicator license?


5. Still can’t see TX plot

Make sure that ‘Allow DLL Import’ is checked.

Allow 'DLL' import

Allow ‘DLL’ import

6. Did not receive alerts

There are many reasons:

  1. Make sure your machine is turned on. Alerts will only be sent when machine is on
  2. TX is attached to the charts and timeframe that you want to receive alerts on
  3. There is a TX plot and trigger. Even if the above points are fulfilled, when there is no TX pattern and trigger, no alert will be sent
  4. Your email is properly configured. Check that test email is successfully sent
  5. EmailON is true in indicator setting


More examples:

Mail: error connecting to…

This usually means the Server is entered wrongly.


Mail: 535 5.7.0 Incorrect username or password
This means your email address or password is entered wrongly.


Mail: 553 From address not verified
This means you’ve just created your Yahoo email account and Yahoo needs you to verify the email. Login to the website and check if Yahoo requires you to enter either an alternate email contact or complete a mobile verification etc.


Mail: login to smtp….25 failed
This means that your domain doesn’t match your email.
If your email is ahlee@yahoo.com then your server should be smtp.mail.yahoo.com:25
Or if your email address is ahlee@yahoo.com.sg then your server should be smtp.mail.yahoo.com.sg:25

In some countries, port 25 is blocked. If you’re still facing problems, please try port 587. (Thanks to our student Dennis Lee who shared this info)

Eg: Your email is johntan@yahoo.com, then use smtp.mail.yahoo.com:587

Your email is johntan@yahoo.com.sg then use smtp.mail.yahoo.com.sg:587


7. Are hardware specs important

TX is best run on 2 or more Gigabytes of RAM


8.Which is best build of MT4 to run TX

TX was developed for use on MT4 build 419. It also runs on the latest Build 427.


9. If after keying a valid product registration key, upon restart of MT4, TX pops up again asking you to key in product key

This is an windows 7 security issue. Please run your MT4 as administrator.


Some other problems and solutions regarding TX V3.1

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