Setting up email alerts: SMTP Mail Server for TX

Setting up email alerts from TX Auto Alert Indicator

Solutions are GMX, hMailserver and TurboSMTP. The easiest one is GMX. Previous solutions Yahoo and AOL are totally obsolete.



3 steps to set up GMX can be found here.

  • SMTP server:
  • SMTP login: your email
  • SMTP password: your GMX email password
  • From: your email
  • To: any email address you wish to receive the email on. (This can be Gmail, GMX, Yahoo or Hotmail ..etc)



This is a solution that is suitable for those who are very tech-savvy only. The steps can be found here in this posting.



TurboSMTP is suitable as a paid solution. Steps are available here.

As a free solution, the service provider requires user to provide the following:

  1. Web domain
  2. Email domain
  3. Operating address
  4. Company name
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