TX Auto Alert rules of use

TX Auto Alert is a learning tool that will provide user alerts for trading currency pairs.

TX Auto Alert was developed by TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd. Please follow these rules when using.

It is a student privilege and is given as a compliment to individuals who have attended TerraSeeds Forex Tflow® currency trading course.

Please do not abuse that privilege; otherwise we will be forced to charge a price for it.

  1. TX Auto Alert is an indicator/ expert advisor programmed for use with Metatrader MT4.
  2. TX is Auto Alert is designed to alert for timeframes M15 or higher.
  3. Do not share TX Auto Alert. If you share it, we will consider it a copyright infringement. We will shut down. One for all and all for one.
  4. Every individual is provided with TX Auto Alert for use on 1 MT4 account only; don’t waste on Demo account.
  5. We need to activate TX Auto Alert for you, contact us.
  6. TX Auto Alert is very sensitive to price. If you use a different broker, you get different alerts, maybe less maybe none.

Contact TerraSeeds if you want to know more about TX Auto Alert

Alternatively, you can follow us on #txautoalert on twitter or pinterest.



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