Important update 21 September 2015

  1. Deadline has been set for TX Auto Alert to be phased out.
  2. TX will no longer to provided to new users i.e. it will not be part of Tflow® Forex Course offering.
  3. Full details here.


TX Auto Alert is an MT4 indicator / expert advisor capable of alerting real time Tflow® forex signals

TX Auto Alert is an extremely intelligent piece of work developed by TerraSeeds with special credit to Chief Trainer Miss Binni Ong. TX is meant as a learning aid for all Tflow® students. Students who have attended TerraSeeds Forex Tflow® is provided license to install on 2 computers. TX Auto Alert has to be activated to prevent piracy and copyright infringement. Students need to provide MT4 login number in order for us to activate the user license. TX Auto Alert is not for sale to non-students of Tflow®.


TX Auto Alert predicts high probability turning points

  • Predict High Probability Turning Points before price even happen
  • Alerts you of pending trades so that you could get ready many hours before
  • Automatically determine entry level
  • Real time alerts when a trade is about to happen
  • Real time alerts when a trade has happened
  • TX Auto Alert reinforces users’ learning by sharpening sense of timing, flow of market and extent of movement.


TX uses concepts of Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Ratios

TX Auto Alert is programmed based on the concepts of Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Ratios. TX tracks the flow of the market predicts turning points. Various signals are sent to a user through push notification. However TX Auto Alert has to be setup on MT4 and the MT4 must be running in order for signals to be sent.


TX Auto Alert display


TX Auto Alert makes forex trading stress free?

Have you tried staring at screen waiting for a trade signal? You are completed exhausted from waiting for 8 hours.  Suddenly you had to walk away for 5 mins. The moment you returned, you have missed your entry. TX Auto Alert solves this problem by providing push notification.


TX Auto alert will send an alert message on two conditions

  • When price touches a predicted zone which is calculated dynamically via Fibonacci Ratios and Price Actions.  The algorithmic behind TX is dynamic thus it can calculates the highest probability zone where price is likely to bounce
  • When there is a trigger as defined by Tflow® (What is TerraSeeds Forex Tflow®?)


TX allows all forex traders to trade in anytime frame, any currency pair.  This is to say – TerraSeeds Forex Tflow® and TX Auto Alert can let you trade in any financial instrument – forex, commodity, stocks or indexes.


TX Auto Alert is not a system trading expert advisor

TX Auto Alert is a learning tool. It also provides alert signals for turning points. These signals however are not buy /sell signals. Users must determine based on their whole analysis of the forex market to determine whether a signal is meant for entry /exit. Note:

    • TX Auto Alert is not a trading robot
    • It does not open / close positions
    • Participants of TerraSeeds Forex Tflow® forex trading course use TX to supplement their learning by sharpening sense of timing, flow of market and extent of movement
    • TX Auto Alert is not for sale separately
    • Users of TX Auto Alert must take ownership of the outcome of their own trades
    • We do not make promises about the accuracy of TX Auto Alert messages



You are a better forex trader than TX Auto Alert

Press release: Track FX Market 24-hours for Elliott Wave Patterns

FAQ: TX Auto Alert Indicator usage here (Student login required)

What is TX Auto Alert Indicator in PDF

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