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ColonelKinkSAR™ Forex Trading Method explained!

Updated 21 June 2018. This is Colonel Kink Forex Reporter’s homepage.

What is ColonelKinkSAR™ Method?

Colonel Kink Forex Reporter published his first forex report for swing and day traders on 07 June 2018 using the ColonelKinkSAR™ Method. It is a method to trade forex by establishing support resistance zones on weekly chart.

Colonel Kink is a nom de guerre. He wants to remain anonymous but believes that trading can be kept simple 1) identify support resistance 2) trade with the trend. How to trigger where to take profit or cut loss is left out for obvious reasons. Each trader on the Internet is a stranger with individual needs. Decide how to enter and exit a trade based on your own needs. Take personal responsibility. Colonel Kink does not want to be a crutch.


Concept of ColonelKinkSAR™

Key concept of ColonelKinkSAR™ is the identification of confluence.

Basis for method:

Technical Analysis states that previous turning points offer future potential support resistance zones. 

  1. Attach a horizontal line at each turning point in the past 12 months on weekly chart. Go to line chart to see clearer picture.
  2. These lines leave a shadow.
  3. Shadows are not evenly dispersed but tend to be clustered. 
  4. When multiple shadows confluence in a tight range, there is a dark shadow which will provide strong support resistance.
  5. Look for dark shadow to offer next turning point.
  6. Price will move quickly through empty spaces or bright areas.

When multiple lines or shadows fall in a tight cluster there is a confluence. This confluence makes that cluster good support resistance. Once a good resistance support is identified, any method can be used to trigger. It can be anything from candlesticks price action to indicators such as CCI.


Results of ColonelKinkSAR™ see video

This video published on 07 June 2018 recalls results of first 6 trade analysis published on

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