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Can Forex Tflow® be used as trading strategy in stock market?

The Forex Tflow® trading strategy applies important concepts of Dow Theory, Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Ratios. There are also building blocks of Technical Analysis such as support resistance, trendlines and candlestick patterns. Together they are indispensable to forex trading but equally useful in stock markets as well as others.


Economic impact if SARS strikes Singapore again

SARS the deadly coronavirus Based on the lastest news, Saudi Arabia has detected another 6 new cases of SARS. This brings the total number of persons afflicted up to 30. 15 has since died. Besides Saudia Arabia, the deadly virus was also detected Jordan, Germany,


KLCI prints recurring chart pattern; is third time different?

There is an arsenal of information on chart patterns available to technical analysts. Because they have a strong following among chart readers, a lot of research has been put into the way they are identified and their impact on the market. There is one triangular