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SiMSCI and the meaning of this 7-year resistance

If this 7-year resistance in SiMSCI is not broken, it could be here to stay. Investors could exit quickly on any bearish sign. They could decide quickly that it is more worthwhile to trade a well established range than to challenge a significant resistance with a buy-and-hold strategy.

Straits Times Index constituents October 2017 performance

October 2017, Singapore STI up 154.17 pts or 4.79%. Keppel Corp best performer up 15.56%. Jardine Strategic worst. 26 stocks advance, 3 decline, 1 flat.

XLP fell out of this 9-year trend line, could be real signal

XLP fell out of a 9-year trend line after printing a Head and Shoulders bearish reversal pattern. This could be a real break. XLP and XLRE are leading indicators of stock market bearishness.

This 30-month cycle looks pretty amazing fit for SiMSCI

SiMSCI follows a 30-month cycle between late 2006 to present according to this chart. If true, local stock market is reaching a top soon followed by a bottom by end of 2018.

These stock sectors may be your early bear indicator

Besides Energy, Consumer Staples and Real Estate are next worst stock sectors. This is what they are printing. Keep an eye in case they could be your early bear indicator. XLP and XLRE charts.

Stocks and indices quarterly update end Q3 2017

End of Q3 2017 (quarterly) and end of September (monthly) performance of Straits Times Index Constituents. This quarter we see Jardine Strategic replace SIA Engineering w.e.f. 18 Sep.

Why do support and resistance lines work in stock trading?

Support and resistance works because of market participants' actions and expectations. Charts, chart features like support and resistance are windows into market participants' mass psychology. Case study.