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These stock sectors may be your early bear indicator

Besides Energy, Consumer Staples and Real Estate are next worst stock sectors. This is what they are printing. Keep an eye in case they could be your early bear indicator. XLP and XLRE charts.

Stocks and indices quarterly update end Q3 2017

End of Q3 2017 (quarterly) and end of September (monthly) performance of Straits Times Index Constituents. This quarter we see Jardine Strategic replace SIA Engineering w.e.f. 18 Sep.

Why do support and resistance lines work in stock trading?

Support and resistance works because of market participants' actions and expectations. Charts, chart features like support and resistance are windows into market participants' mass psychology. Case study.

If weakness is the new trend, Retail could be the leading edge

Quantitative easing is over. Quantitative tightening starts in October. These 4 charts could be signalling that Retail is the first segment to correct.

Keep an eye on these multiple signals from SATS S58

SATS prints bearish elements with a head and shoulders reversal pattern, staying in the red after nearly 3 quarters and printing a new low for the year in August.

Straits Times Index constituents August 2017 performance

Straits Times Index down 1.57% in August, losing half of July gains. 9 stocks advance 19 decline. Gain leader Capitaland. Top loser Sembcorp Industries.

Stock indices fire and fury but no bite except for this

Despite the severe bearish action around the globe yesterday following Kim's missile flying over Japan and a sharp, not-unexpected u-turn during US trading hours, stock indices really did not make any significant move. Major indices are still trapped between last week's (Jackson Hole) range except for DAX. It is a loss leader...