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Chart pattern and CCI signal in total harmony in this US stock

An example of a weekly chart of a major US financial stock printing a head and shoulders price action in total harmony with a bearish signal from Commodity Channel Index. When multiple elements come together to give a consensus signal, traders have a high probability setup.

Where is China A50 headed? 5 technical levels

These 5 lines/levels in China A50 for analysis i.e. bullish/bearish, positive/negative sentiment, pattern broken/not broken. Rather than jump allover the place reacting to price, use these levels to form your own opinion.

China A50 breaks trend line, pulls back, resisted

China A50 has broken a big triangle chart pattern. It did a pullback, price action reveals resistance. On the other hand, there are supports to take note.

Stocks and indices quarterly update end Q1 2017

Stock indices update for Q1 2017. 1) Relative strength, performance between major Western and Asian indices. 2) Straits Times Index constituents 'winners and losers'. 3) Quick look at diverging behaviour between China A50, AUDUSD to exceeding PMI data. 4) US sector performance.

Pay attention to China A50, financials as it nears this apex

China A50 approaches apex of year-long triangle with strong resistance zone on top. With several recent signals aligning, it could do some correction. Pay attention to banks as index is 69% financial.

Probably the hot stock driver this weekend – Obamacare vote

S&P500 must have enjoyed quite a bit of uplift from the best performing healthcare sector. A 2-year market top for the sector faced with prospect of Obamacare repeal could frighten investors and trigger a broad market correction.