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Next stop Hang Seng Index multi-year resistance at 25000

Expect to see HSI test 25000 shortly. This is a 7-year high, prominent tried and tested resistance. This was a level forecast in 2015 and there is evidence that at least one other level forecast then was followed by the market.

Relative performance of S&P500 sectors from 2016 to present

An overlay of SPY (S&P500 ETF) and it's associated sector funds which show the strongest to weakest US stock sectors based on performance from beginning 2016 to present. Prepare action plan based on boom or bust accordingly. Also followup of last 2 weeks.

Another confluencing signal or just a coincidence

I posted a number of negative signals coming from forex, crude oil and then specific sectors in the US market i.e. Utilities and Energy, the last few days.. I see a confluence. Today I share a chart of the Straits Times Index for Singaporean readers.

US stock investors doing that ‘flight to safety’ last week

Over a 1-day and 5-day period, Utilities was the best performing sector. This could be nothing or could be a bearish signal since investors tend to go into utilities when they become averse to risk.

Stock sectors all boom and no gloom; how to use heatmap

Year to date performance of US S&P 500 going strong with sector breakdowns a field of green except 'Energy'. This post covers 'how to use a heatmap for your sector/stock picking'.

Time-tested technical reason stock indices did not collapse yet

I would like to offer one time-tested technical reason why stock indices did not repeat Jan 2016's global crash like any investors feared last month. By setting up a single moving average line, I make some observations of previous price action for S&P500, Straits Times Index, NASDAQ 100 and NZX 50.