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I see WTI hitting 107 by end of 2018

This is my analysis. Call it objective analysis or wishful guess but I see WTI reach 107 by end of 2018. That’s because we ran out of levels for the last 3 years but the next highest turning point in 2014 is around 107!


XAGUSD, XAUSGD triangle chart patterns bullish or bearish?

How much a slight different in girth and angle of rise can make to one’s perception. No matter how I look left and right, I am definitely bearish of XAGUSD but wavering between bullish and don’t know for XAUSGD. Both pairs are now sitting on support.


Down flow WTI meets up flow just in time for OPEC Meeting

Current down trend on daily time frame converges with an up trend on the weekly. Short term speculators are running into fund managers looking at a longer horizon. Two big candles yesterday and the day before are signs of contest. This is the trading proposition for WTI right now.


3 potential supports, retracement zones for WTI long continuation

WTI printed new 52-week high this year, new high in 3.5 years so it could justify a long continuation trade despite its current correction. In this post, 3 charts of WTI with 3 potential support zones for WTI bulls.


XAGUSD triangle, long support base nearly 2 years duration

2 charts of XAGUSD, monthly and weekly charts showing a 2-year support base and XAGUSD poised for a potential upwards breakout and best performance since 10 weeks. For long term investors, end-of-week close and end-of-month performance should provide clear input.


Is it time for some energy-driven inflation? 3 charts of WTI, XLE

Is it time for some energy-driven inflation? Will an energy sector recovery become new driver of bull market to relieve FANG stocks? WTI has broken decisively above 3-year high, XLE is at decade long support, there is a bullish expansion over March and XLE is 5-day best performer among S&P500 sectors.


4 charts of Zijin Mining ( now and before

4 weekly charts of Zijin Mining ( showing it’s chart pattern develop from 13 July 2017 till present. Key features are: uptrend, new 52-week high, base-building evident, support from moving average roadmap.