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Look (at your charts) before you jump

An illustration why knee jerk trading response to headlines is wrong with two pieces of reporting on crude oil production.

Signs of the next leg up in XAUUSD?

Although XAUUSD will probably do another leg down, signs are in place for a big up wave. Last year's new 52-wk high has terminated 2013 - 2015 down trend.

Crude Oil Prices: “Random”? Hardly.

Last week's shocking spike in crude oil prices is +12% and counting, the biggest one-week gain in five years. Media stories blame one culprit: the November 30 OPEC agreement to cut production. The weeks leading up to the meeting were filled with anticipation and emotion. Oil prices went all over the place -- down 4%

How the hell to explain this XLE – WTI divergence

Price of Crude Oil (WTI) diverges from XLE since 2013, divergence widens further. These are some questions I have, most importantly how to trade this setup.

Watching the Commodities space for the next winner

I share this free tool from which is very handy for picking winners and losers among trading commodities. In addition, I present charts of soya bean and copper which investors might want to add to their watchlist.

Beware crude oil prices signalling correction coming

Rising DXY could be signalling crude oil weakening especially since WTI and Brent are both at resistance. I discuss the signal in WTI to look out for.