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Is this forex trading result good enough for you?

Hantamfx’s forex trading equity up 18% after 1.5 months. From $100k on 20 January 2015, equity is now $118k on 01 March 2015. 18% return. Beats most investments. How can this set of trading results belong to you?


Tflow® traders share their forex trading results via Twitter

Tflow® is a money making forex trading strategy Tweets from our students tell us their trade results. It is a snapshot of the trade performance of our community of traders using Tflow®. Starting the week, some traders took profit on their winning trades on Oil


David’s trading testimonial describes challenges, learning journey

David attended our Tflow® Currency Trading Course last month this year. He sent in this trading testimonial by email describing his ups and downs. We reproduce his feedback here because he describes the realism of forex trading from the encounters of a new trader.