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Some facts and figures about Malaysian Ringgit

1. USDMYR at Asian Financial Crisis level. 2. Ringgit ranked 6th constituent in RMB index. Ringgit lost half its value to USD since 2011. USDMYR now at 4.3115.


RMB inclusion to SDR basket new forex dynamic

IMF announces inclusion of the Chinese Renminbi to the SDR basket. There will be a new forex dynamic as funds re-allocate their foreign reserves.


PBOC-Yuan just a latecomer to the devaluation game

PBOC’s Yuan devaluation is 2 years late. Despite big hooha, PBOC has maintained a very stable exchange rate with the greenback. Biggest culprit is Japan.


HKMA busy defending 7.75 USDHKD with intervention

Hong Kong Monetary Authority continues to intervene in currency markets in April to hold 7.75 line for USDHKD. We explain the move and link to related reports.


USDHKD testing 7.75 limit again; HKD bulls in control

USDHKD price action is hugging 7.75 very closely. It is an outer limit of Hong Hong’s currency peg to the USD under the Linked Exchange Rate System. The pair made its deepest penetration to 7.74823 yesterday.