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15-year quarterly trend line of ADM Archer-Daniels-Midland

Archer-Daniel-Midlands is an agriculture (commodities) giant. Is this trend line correct? What is the chance of a commodity boom in 2018 with a positive performance year-to-date and new high of year in April? Pinned here for future reference.


20-year trend line of ST Engineering, minus fear-driven dips

This rising 20-year trend line in 3M chart of ST Engineering ( could be a pretty good support if we take away fear-driven lows. Buying-the-dip below this line turned out to be excellent value investing strategy during past three crises.


Correlation of stock market to Property Prices

‘Can property prices be actually correlated to the stock market?’ Jo’An Tan, Associate Director, Redbrick Mortgage Advisory contributes her observations to this question.


Losing GBP exposed Gold’s ultimate function

GBP’s loss this year has highlighted gold’s function “as a financial insurance and excellent hedge against fiat money and muddled central bankers.”


More gold, silver, platinum coins now GST-free in Singapore

Fifth Edition of IRAS’s e-Tax Guide ‘GST: Guide on Exemption of Investment Precious Metals (IPM)’ was published on 01 September 2016 with an extended list of gold, silver, platinum coins that now qualify as GST-free or as Investment Precious Metals (IPM).


12 reasons why China is devaluing RMB

Once China published CFETS RMB Index, it becomes clear why they have to devalue Renminbi. 12 currencies named in the index have been devaluing since 2011.