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Correlation of stock market to Property Prices

‘Can property prices be actually correlated to the stock market?’ Jo’An Tan, Associate Director, Redbrick Mortgage Advisory contributes her observations to this question.

This is the current range for XAUSGD

Traders/investors should be looking at XAUSGD blue zone now. Next step higher. Look for signal i.e. end-of-quarter close above 1800 which is better than best performance (Q3 2016) since 2013.

Losing GBP exposed Gold’s ultimate function

GBP's loss this year has highlighted gold's function "as a financial insurance and excellent hedge against fiat money and muddled central bankers."

More gold, silver, platinum coins now GST-free in Singapore

Fifth Edition of IRAS's e-Tax Guide 'GST: Guide on Exemption of Investment Precious Metals (IPM)' was published on 01 September 2016 with an extended list of gold, silver, platinum coins that now qualify as GST-free or as Investment Precious Metals (IPM).

That 14 April ultra-signficant signal is getting warmer

In April, I wrote that conditions are going to worsen, that the SingDollar is an excellent indicator. 2.5 months later, the signal got even louder.

MAS policy shift today is an ultra-significant signal

MAS Monetary Policy Statement shifts to neutral today. This is an important signal for the forex market given the 'coincidence' last time such a decision was made was in October 2008.

WTI not alone – GBPUSD one other currency pair at gen-low!

GBPUSD trades below key level that it has never closed below at year end since 1986. Is this the first successful break in 30 years or compelling generational low to long term investors? And then the other is AUDCHF.