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Fibonacci retracement forex trading strategies

3 Forex strategies. Using Fibonacci retracement to 1) identify support and resistance levels 2) know when to open and close positions AND 3) follow trends.

外汇操作指南 - 外汇初学者的十大提示

投机外汇有相当的吸引也有相当的风险。要成功,一个外汇初学者因该做出充足的准备。我在这里给外汇初学者提出十个提示:1. 阅读,参考,调查 2. 与有经验的操作者,或证券代理交谈 3. 学图表分析 4. 找个好的操作平台 5. 掌握市场讯息,看宏观,掌握经济,社会趋势 6. 找个好的财经日历 7. 找个模拟交易账户

Another example of a forex relative strength overlay

I look at concept of relative strength between currencies over a duration and how traders can overlay forex pairs to pick the winning trade. This is an example that supplements what I have written about this topic 4 weeks ago.

Jump or fade? Breakout signals/triggers in forex market

Breakout trades explained. We discuss breakouts as a trade signal/trigger, why there are two strategies: to jump a breakout or to fade or trade against one.

Forex trading spreads day after Christmas 2016

A look at shitty wide forex spreads on 3 forex brokers on the day after Christmas. A reminder to all aspiring forex traders why there are times one should not trade and be better off doing something else.

Looking at multiple time frame trend analysis with XAUUSD

XAUUSD case study that tackles one of most fundamental but confusing concept in trading - multiple time frame analysis. This post covers concept, provides example and then give tips for application.

Hit by forex slippage because of GBP? What you need to know

Traders might not get redress for forex slippage encountered this morning because of GBP's flash crash but should investigate rigorously if they continue even after the dust has settled. Why?