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Developing a Robust CFD Trading Plan

A well-designed CFD trading plan has all the elements that mitigate risk and impart robustness to the portfolio. Defining the time frame, selecting the trade, choosing the time to enter, and exiting the trade are the crucial elements of a trading plan.

AUDSGD weekly chart from late-2014 to present

Simple lesson in forex trend, reversal here with AUDSGD

A look at simple price action indication of change of trend: price expansion. A bearish price expansion terminates an uptrend sequence of higher highs, higher lows while a bullish price action does the opposite. Making a trade entry after such a signal ensures that we got the trend and timing correct.


外汇操作指南 - 外汇初学者的十大提示

投机外汇有相当的吸引也有相当的风险。要成功,一个外汇初学者因该做出充足的准备。我在这里给外汇初学者提出十个提示:1. 阅读,参考,调查 2. 与有经验的操作者,或证券代理交谈 3. 学图表分析 4. 找个好的操作平台 5. 掌握市场讯息,看宏观,掌握经济,社会趋势 6. 找个好的财经日历 7. 找个模拟交易账户