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How to get real time notification from a Twitter account?

Many students commented that they are missing trades because they are late in getting my twitter message. The reason why we switched to twitter as a form of support was because of twitter ability to deliver real time messages to anyone who follow us. In


Getting the best out of TX auto alert indicator

December is the month of the year when I spend a lot of time reflecting what has been done and what has not. TX auto alert indicator has a special place in my mind because it has revolutionized the way our community of currency traders


What is the best way to draw equidistant channel in MT4

Using the MT4 ‘equidistant channel tool’ An equidistant channel is a type of chart pattern. It is also known as parallel channel. In this video, forex trader Jerome Lee demonstrates how to use draw an equidistant channel in MT4 using the ‘Equidistant Channel’ tool on


Free MT4 template incorporating 5 Bollinger Bands

Free MT4 template incorporating 5 Bollinger Bands for download. The array is made up of 5 standard Bollinger Band indicators arranged to print a ‘rainbow’ effect.


Tips for MT4: Putting price values to Fibonacci ratios

This is a simple tip for MT4 users. Before: The Fibonacci tools are wonder ful and essential for trading but after plotting them on the chart, price levels corresponding to the Fib levels are not displayed. For illustration, see ”50%’ retracement level on chart. To