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How do I run my EAs? What VPS do I use? How many instances of MT4?

I run MT4 Expert Advisors on dedicated VPS or Virtual Private Server with targeted 100% uptime. VPS are available for an affordable subscription and their 24/7 operation is a good fit for forex trading. In my VPS with 1 GB RAM, I ran up to 3 installed instances of MT4 with no trouble.


The F(ea)tures of MetaTrader MT5

Phillip Futures infographic shows you 5 reasons why Phillip MetaTrader MT5 may be the trading platform for you. Expert Advisor. Backtesting. 21 time frames.


How to find the best forex spreads

Why are there forex spreads? This article explains how a forex trader can choose a broker with the best forex spread and personal trading factors to consider.


See relative strength, pick winning forex trade from an overlay

What do you do when you have a question in your head like ‘I want to short JPY but I don’t know which JPY cross is the best trade?’ To pick the winning forex pair that will give you the best performance for your trade idea, one way is to build an overlay. #forextip