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AUDSGD daily chart report 11 by Colonel Kink Forex Reporter

AUDSGD report for swing/day trades #11

AUDSGD swing look for short continuation day traders wait n see Analysis for swing traders Price action test > re-test of shadow zone confirms that it is resistance. Price action at resistance meets Bollinger Band overbought so there is confluence. Now for trigger which could look like

USDJPY chart 09 by Colonel Kink Forex Reporter

USDJPY report for swing/day trades #9

USDJPY caught between many support resistance but I see bullish cup-handle pattern. Price is zigzag between shadows drawn on 07 June.

EURUSD weekly chart 08 by Colonel Kink Forex Reporter

EURUSD report for swing/day trades #8

EURUSD is range bound for now but swing traders should look for short continuation trade. Day traders trade the range follow short term indicators. Colonel Kink Forex Reporter.

WTI daily chart 07 by Colonel Kink Forex Reporter

WTI report for swing/day trades #7

Colonel Kink Forex Reporter is looking at WTI long continuation but only after some retracement. Now at neighbourhood of previous high WTI could easily turn into a bullish continuation, bullish take profit or even bearish blow-off top.

EURSGD weekly chart 06 Colonel Kink Forex Reporter

EURSGD report for swing/day trades #6

EURSGD displays three resistance shadows overhead. Current trend describes up-down-up so swing traders should look for short continuation from February. Current week is white week candle day traders look for long. Colonel Kink Forex Reporter.