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Presenting Autobox MT4 indicator for multiple time frame forex

I share key features of Autobox V2 MT4 indicator developed for multiple time frame forex trading, oil, gold and indices. There is a free seminar for interested individuals this Thursday organised by IG Singapore.


ShowFx Asia 2015 Financial Conference in Marina Bay Sands

On August 29, 2015 ShowFx Asia invites everyone with a shared interest in financial markets to its annual Financial Conference in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre. Entrance is free!


Email interview with Chris Weston, Chief Market Strategist, IG

“I am going to share how I see the financial world and what I believe is really going on behind the headlines. I believe central banks are purposely manipulating certain asset classes with the idea to boost others.”
“I am sceptical this proves to be successful in the long-run (which could be hugely bearish longer-term), but in the short-term I am going to follow the central banks lead and stay bullish on markets where central banks are actively pursuing a higher stock market.”


Shares Investment Conference 2014 ‘Will interest rates rise?’

“Interest rates will rise faster than you imagine.” This was a comment Hu Li Yang made at Shares Investment Conference 2013. I think it is a very good time to ask Hu to follow up when he comes to Singapore to speak at the same conference this year.