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Potential EWUS for USDCAD

Earn While U Sleep is a high probability setup for the passive FX trader, the swing trader, the investor Key principles or concepts that make EWUS work are: Recognizable chart pattern or symmetry Confluence of supports/resistance zones Low risk fishing These qualities can now be


EURAUD act according to boxes with price action trading

Drawing boxes a simple way to price action trading Boxes present an awesome way of looking at price action and trend visually. The rules are clear: Rising trend requires rising lows New highs in an uptrend are great for extending the uptrend Falling trend requires


TerraSeeds then and now

Was sorting out some photos because we lost some images after moving the blog. Found these. Between then and now, Binni and I have also gotten 7 years older. And certainly less hair. Tiong Hum SohDirector, TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd. Trader, investor. @sohtionghum was


Mother, Entrepreneur, Trader And A Stress Free Income

The Straits Times, Tuesday, 09 November 2010 Binni Ong, Chief Trainer of TerraSeeds Market Technician Pte Ltd is eager to promote Forex trading as a source of secondary income. Her reason? Forex trading frees her to look after her child and build a business while adding a steady source


Patience pays off – how many times must this be repeated told?

Tiong Hum waited for 2 weeks for his trade to come. He made no trades for these 2 weeks. Thus he made no losses in the 2 weeks (because he didn’t trade). But he made his money that he needed for the whole 2 weeks


Similarities between playing poker and trading the market

The psychology of playing poker and trading the markets share many similarities I have always been amazed at the similarities between playing poker and trading in the markets. Here I share some observations which I hope traders will realize.   From, I found an