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Prospects of interest rate hike based on Dollar Index chart

Some observations for Dollar Index chart in the weekly time frame. It is my personal opinion that prospects for additional rate hikes for 2017 are not high based on the way DXY is declining below previous rate hike levels.

AUDUSD-Copper-China A50 trade far more interesting to me

So Macron is President of France. It's time to stop obsessing the election, time to move on to another trade. AUDUSD-China A50-Copper is what I am looking at.

Straits Times Index constituents April 2017 performance

Straits Times Index constituents April 2017 performance: 0.01% rise in index, 19 winners 11 losers. Some observations on AUDUSD, NZDUSD, EURUSD, USDSGD and Natural Gas.

Do you trust trend lines only or will you look at other input?

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding. YZJ has a very prominent triangle which hints bearish. Yet the stock has printed a new 52-week high. How will readers tackle conflicting signals like this? Also case study of Starhub.

NZDUSD high probability setup printing continuation pattern

NZDUSD is a loss leader following yesterday's gapping episode. Zoom out the daily time frame picture a little and a high probability setup jumps out visually. I am looking for the next shoe to drop on NZDUSD.

Follow through the forex gap or close it? What’s your take?

Look at EURUSD, AUDUSD, HSI and DXY. Despite 'risk-on' gap up today, big picture setup hasn't changed one bit. I think Dollar still up, indices still down.