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Prospects of interest rate hike based on Dollar Index chart

Some observations for Dollar Index chart in the weekly time frame. It is my personal opinion that prospects for additional rate hikes for 2017 are not high based on the way DXY is declining below previous rate hike levels.

Chart pattern and CCI signal in total harmony in this US stock

An example of a weekly chart of a major US financial stock printing a head and shoulders price action in total harmony with a bearish signal from Commodity Channel Index. When multiple elements come together to give a consensus signal, traders have a high probability setup.

Natural Gas wash n rinse move reveals real resistance

Natural Gas head and shoulders reversal chart pattern is still intact despite failed rally last week. After that wash out move, real effective resistance is revealed. Am looking for move to neckline.

Where is China A50 headed? 5 technical levels

These 5 lines/levels in China A50 for analysis i.e. bullish/bearish, positive/negative sentiment, pattern broken/not broken. Rather than jump allover the place reacting to price, use these levels to form your own opinion.

AUDUSD-Copper-China A50 trade far more interesting to me

So Macron is President of France. It's time to stop obsessing the election, time to move on to another trade. AUDUSD-China A50-Copper is what I am looking at.

Natural Gas has a good setup with multiple elements in place

Natural Gas printed a level in 2015. Price action says it's resistance in 2016. Everyone sees a bearish chart pattern. It fits our resistance perfectly in 2017. This one is waiting for signal to go.