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Correlation of stock market to Property Prices

‘Can property prices be actually correlated to the stock market?’ Jo’An Tan, Associate Director, Redbrick Mortgage Advisory contributes her observations to this question.

3 myths about automated trading

Busting 3 myths about automated trading: 1) that automated trading is not emotional 2) that it is set and forget 3) that automated trading is too technical.

Professional Breakout Trading System explained

Professional Breakout Trading System is a Forex intraday mechanical strategy which aims at capturing big volatile and explosive moves on EURUSD. Designed for MT4.

The F(ea)tures of MetaTrader MT5

Phillip Futures infographic shows you 5 reasons why Phillip MetaTrader MT5 may be the trading platform for you. Expert Advisor. Backtesting. 21 time frames.

Believe Your Own Eyes: Central Banks FOLLOW the Market

"There is a long-standing myth that the interest rate market follows the Central Bank but in truth the evidence over a long time shows the opposite. Central Banks follow the market."

When Prices Are Falling, TWO Numbers Matter Most

What's the next move? Is AAPL's 6% sell-off the start of a new downtrend. Or, will prices find a bottom and reclaim the upside? EWI senior analyst Jeffrey Kennedy tells us his real-time strategy.

EURGBP: A Picture of Elliott Wave Precision

The euro's recent surge to two-month highs against the pound fit its Elliott wave blueprint beautifully. Sponsored content by Elliott Wave International.